Give your plastic bottles a second life

Give your plastic bottles a second life

Internet is full of good ideas and when it comes to recycling, even more. We have tracked the Network in search of the most creative ways to give plastic bottles a second life and make more responsible and sustainable use. In addition, with these proposals you can spend an entertaining afternoon with children. Take paper, pencil ... and bottle!

Pencil cans

On Pinterest we have found this original and fun way to turn a few plastic bottles into pencils and paints. Cut, burn the edges so they don't hurt themselves and let the children display their art with the brushes.

An original airplane

At Brightnest.com we stumble upon this original and creative homemade toy. A plane made with a small bottle of water, a few cards to decorate it and make the wings and a couple of cardboard tubes of toilet paper for the fuselage. Isn't it great?

Decorative owls

A perfect idea to decorate your spring terrace. In Trucsetbricolages.com we find this DIY step by step to convert some plastic bottles in these beautiful owls in black and white. Enjoy an afternoon of your skills and put your creativity to the test.

A purse

Or a simple "portatodo". In Pop Sugar we have found this original way to transform a bottle. Cut it in two, paste a zipper on both sides (each part at one end) and voila!

Flowerpots with base

You just need a plastic bottle and a CD that you no longer use or are scratched. The latter will act as the basis in these original planters that have been made by cutting the bottle in two and turning them around, embedded in the center circle of the CD. We have seen it in Handimania.

Deploy your creative weapons and put all your art on the table.