The owner of this apartment made her home the ideal setting to capture her passion for art and design

The owner of this apartment made her home the ideal setting to capture her passion for art and design

Miriam Yeleq

It was time to leave London, a city in which Fuensanta had lived for the past five years, and set sail for Madrid. “I am from Murcia and I love my city, but I think that in a capital there are always more job opportunities, especially in the residential sector, which is where I work,” he tells us. The young woman is a home critic of The Plum Guide, a housing rental reservation platform for which, as a true expert in the industry, she investigates each property in person and submits it to a test that covers one hundred and fifty points: from the proximity to coffee shops and transportation, up to the speed of Wi-Fi to select the homes that will be part of your company's exclusive offer.

"The funny thing is that, when the time comes to find your own home, the task becomes more arduous," he tells us. “I think what helped me was to have a well defined criterion, not so much about the characteristics of the house, but about how I live my day to day, and I tried to find something that would fit me.

A living room to live it

Fuensanta, the young owner of this house, likes to spend a lot of time in the living room.

The living room has a natural olive, potted. Miriam Yeleq
“Everyone who is at home. Whether watching a movie, reading a book, working on the computer or taking a nap. It is the center of activities ”.
Coffee table, from TipToe; and Moroso side table at B&B Italia. Miriam Yeleq

In the living room are the photographs of the South African artist Lar Glutz - on the sofa wall - and the side table, a design inspired by the traditional fabrics of kimonos.

"My brother gave it to me when I turned twenty-five and I always knew that I would have a relevant place in my house."
Cushions, by Lizzo, Alhambra, Pepe Peñalver and C&C Milano. Miriam Yeleq
"I am a very homemade person and I dreamed of a cozy home, which you are looking forward to returning after a trip or when leaving work."

The Deleite Design team, responsible for the reform of the floor and subsequent decoration, succeeded.

Seat Tonellafrom Sancal. Carpet, from Kilombo Rugs. Miriam Yeleq

The owner, together with the Deleite Design team, designed a bookcase with doors to store books and decorative objects. The model includes a fireplace.

Miriam Yeleq

Perfect plan for the coldest days: blanket and fireplace. Those of bioethanol warm up just like traditional ones, but since they don't need a shot or a smoke extractor, they can be installed wherever we want. So, why not integrate it into the living room shelf?

Chaise longue, from Sancal. Cushions, from C&C Milano. Miriam Yeleq

Are you looking for the ideal place for the chaise longue? Place it so that it visually closes the living room area. Or next to a window to create a delicious corner of rest and disconnection. Being a low piece, it will not hinder the entry of light.

A dining room to eat and play

In the dining room, located next to the window, the predominance of light wood achieves an intimate atmosphere.

Table and chairs, from & Tradition. Lamp Dusk, from the firm Hem. Miriam Yeleq

The owner acknowledges that she would love to organize more lunches or dinners with her family at home, but it is not always easy to plan agendas.

"My purpose for this new course is to be a good hostess and fill my house of life with talks with friends, trivial games and good music."

A hall that gives the best welcome

With designer pieces, a custom mirror and the mural with plant motifs, the hall is the favorite corner of Fuensanta.

“It gives me warmth. It's like an extension of my bedroom, because here I look while I dress before leaving home. I think it is a space with a balanced aesthetic. ”

A multifunctional kitchen

Ceiling light Cannée Screen, from Rue Vintage 74, with cane and metal screens. Cushions, by Pepe Peñalver. Tartera y tabla, by Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq

In the kitchen is where Fuensanta works, has breakfast, plans his week ... And also, from time to time, shows off his culinary skills. Something that, he confesses, only does when he has a visit or feels inspired. Then, surprise with the special dessert of the house: the tiramisu. "They say it looks really good!", He tells us.

Furniture, from Nectali Kitchens. Countertop, from SapienStone. Miriam Yeleq

“The owner has very good taste,” they tell us from Deleite Design. “She brought details and accessories, and we were looking for a place. On a trip he bought some rattan mirrors and placing them in the kitchen seemed like an idea full of style. They gave a fresh touch that we all loved. ”

expand = Miriam Yeleq

That your kitchen does not exceed meters does not mean you have to give up an island. Fuensanta has one and, in addition to having more work area, uses it as a backup for one of the dining room benches. '

A bedroom with practicality

Headboard made by DRM Confección. Wall light, from Aromas del Campo. Big Ben lamp by Kirilamp. Bedding, from Zara Home. The cushions are from Harlequin and C&C Milano. Miriam Yeleq

A unique headboard. "We designed it especially for this project," they explain from the interior design studio, "and we chose a dark blue velvet upholstery that will enhance its presence."

The cushions and the blanket come from Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq

The owner wanted to have a lot of space to store her things, so she decided to include a bank in her bedroom. The furniture has three drawers: in two of them it stores the shoes and in the third, clothes.

A bathroom in the bedroom

Miriam Yeleq

If you want to have an equal one, throw partitions and look for solutions to delimit each area without losing brightness or intimacy. A half-height wall topped by a grid is a perfect and colorful option.

Guest bathroom

"Fuensanta wanted to use pink and we thought it was a great tone for the guest bathroom," they tell us from Deleite Design.

Washbasin cabinet, by Codis Bath. Miriam Yeleq

The floor was covered with a terrazzo made from this color and the wall, with brightly finished tiles.

"I also have a balance between my masculine and feminine side," she intervenes, "hence the matt black finish of the faucet."

The black color is a trend in bathroom decoration. You will find it in faucets, sconces, profiles and, of course, also in prominent pieces such as the washbasin cabinet.

Towel, from Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq

To subtract visual strength from the contrast achieved by combining black and white, add brushstrokes of another color that break the monotony and add vividness to the environment.

Miriam Yeleq

"I didn't know what neighborhood to look for, since I didn't know Madrid, but I wanted something nice, practical and comfortable." Fuensanta was also clear that he wanted a second-hand home that needed major reform. “I am very particular with tastes and demanding with finishes. It was also an exciting challenge for me to design my own house, ”he says. For this he trusted Lara and Dani, interior designers of Deleite Design.

“I got to know your website through designers from Murcia, and I liked what I saw so much that I started following them on Instagram. I remember sending you a very long e-mail when I was looking for decoration professionals and I loved your reply. I knew we were going to understand each other wonderfully and it has been that way, ”he recalls. “She had quite clear ideas and was very involved in all phases of the project,” Dani continues. She is passionate about design. He loves it! I had many references of furniture, as well as fabrics and accessories, which I wanted to include. And also, relying on our criteria, he was advised in many aspects.

It was a very nice job that we all enjoyed, especially with the decoration. ” Thanks to the chosen finishes, custom designs - such as the bookcase in the living room - and a careful selection of furniture and artworks, a stylish house has been achieved that reveals the personality of the person who inhabits it: a sensitive woman, who enjoys of every detail

Realization: Pilar Perea. Assistant: Paula Balboa.