What flowers should you plant according to your horoscope?

What flowers should you plant according to your horoscope?

If you depend on your horoscope to enlighten you in everything you do, from when to move to what cocktail to drink. Now, astrologer Kim Allen is analyzing how the stars can also guide us to have the best garden.

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The Aries know what they want and want it now, so Allen suggests planting zinnias or impatiens, who do not need much care, or patience. (See what we have done here?)


If you are Taurus, enjoy the pleasures slow, constant and sensual of life, like lilacs. To attract love, vegetable violets, which are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and a little patchouli for good decisions, which will attract money.


Gemini seek intellectual connections with others, so Allen suggests sowing rosemary, which helps to have mental clarity. Aromatic plants such as lavender and lily help clear the mind as well.


If you are cancer, your thing is to make the people around you feel safe and cared for. So, naturally, Allen recommends planting jasmine, which brings soothing vibrations. For urbanites: potted plants have the same relaxing effect.


I read them bring positive energy and vitality wherever they go, so Allen suggests planting sunflowers. Chamomile also attracts positive energy and good vibes.


If Virgos could be described in a few words, they would be "workaholics." They are constantly thinking about their career, so planting some Valerian will be a sleep aid and close your eyes. The Verbena and the echinacea They also have healing qualities and help you relax when you need it.


The Libras are romantic without remedy and do nothing but look in the daisies for the answer, "Do you love me, do you love me? Roses, the flower of love, also give them warm feelings.


Something that few know: Scorpio is the most passionate sign of the zodiac, which means that its flowers should be as vibrant as they are. They should consider planting the Ursi grapeThey look like little bellies, so they are full of life, right?


The Sagittarius are whats road runner and they are happier when they are on the road. Magnolias are longer than life, just like them.


Capricorns are not afraid to face new projects, so it is not surprising that Allen suggests the laurel. Why the laurel? In ancient Greece, the Olympic winners were awarded laurel wreaths in honor of their victory.


Aquariums are an engine to unite people and dreamers as well, so Allen chose the borage, which helps both the dreamers and the most ambitious facet of his personality. The tuberose will also help you find ways to improve the world.


It is no secret that this water sign is one of the most creative and psychic signs of the zodiac, so Allen suggests planting the lotus, which is often used in spiritual ceremonies in Hinduism and Buddhism. Pisces are known to be lovers of the night, so the Nicotiana, which blooms at night, is another perfect option for your garden.

Via: Woman's Day US