Turn your house into the best of hotels

Turn your house into the best of hotels

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could feel at home just like you do when you go on vacation? Well that's what you'll get with IKEA's new summer collection, because it is ready to fill your terrace with super comfortable furniture, to illuminate the environments with solar energy, and to turn your house into a burst of color and joy thanks to its textiles and accessories the sea of ​​frescoes. Let's see it!

Advertising - Keep reading below Eating on the terrace

Being made of solid wood, the furniture of the ÄPPLARÖ family will turn your terrace into a dream come true. The table (€ 79), in addition to being foldable like the chairs (€ 29.99 the unit), is also extendable thanks to its two folding wings. And the bank (€ 50) has interior storage space!

Butt of color

To illuminate the terrace, nothing like these led lamps (€ 49.99 each) of the SOLVINDEN family, and thanks to its screen, the light filters forming beautiful decorative motifs. But if you want to give more atmosphere to the environment, add a colorful tablecloth (€ 14.99) as from the SOMMAR 2018 collection.

Dreaming big

With the furniture of the SOLLERÖN family, your terrace will look like a five star hotel! Made of rattan imitation plastic, they are light and easy to clean. Combine the sofa (€ 1,050) with the armchair (€ 250), and don't forget the carpet (€ 29.99) SOMMAR 2018 waterproof!

Tasty tasty

So you will know breakfast in this bowl (€ 2.99) of such beautiful stoneware from the SOMMAR 2018 collection, suitable for dishwashers and microwaves.

Small large terrace

The TÄRNÖ family will show you that space is no problem, and that this table set (€ 35.99) with 2 solid acacia chairs and powder-coated steel will make your life (and movement) easier on the terrace Since they are foldable.

The best skybar in your house

With this garland (€ 34.99) of multi-colored LED lights from the SOLVINDEN series, your terrace will become the most chic from the city!

What a luxury!

Get ready to celebrate the dinners of your outdoor life with the SJÄLLAND series furniture. Resistant, lightweight, maintenance free because they are made of aluminum ... All are advantages! If you want the table pack with 4 chairs, you will find it for € 439, although the bank (€ 89) will also be very useful.


The environmental awareness has conceived this marvel of solar ceiling lamps of the SOLVINDEN family that nor need cables or plugs. In addition, they are available in various sizes! Small (€ 5.99), medium (€ 7.99) and large (€ 9.99).