The cozy and cozy studio of Anne Hathaway in 'Modern Love'

The cozy and cozy studio of Anne Hathaway in 'Modern Love'

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The latest release of Amazon Prime Video, Modern love, is a fresh and friendly bet that brings us closer to love in all its facets. Based on the homonymous weekly column of The New York Times, where the readers themselves tell their peculiar love stories, the series addresses in each of its eight independent chapters situations as disparate as life itself, in the frantic and cosmopolitan environment of NY.


But that's not all, since the seductive plot is enhanced by the choice of actors. A luxury cast with names such as Anne Hathaway, Andy Garcia, Tony John Gallagher, Jane Alexander, Olivia Cooke, John Slattery or Shea Whigham, among others.

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In the third chapter, Anne Hathaway puts on the skin of a woman with bipolar disorder called Lexi, forcing us to open our eyes to the terrible reality of mental illnesses and how they come to affect all areas of life, including, of course, emotional relationships.

The young lawyer lives in a charming studio that in real life is located in the Nolita neighborhood, in a building built before World War II under a stately architectural style starring high ceilings with moldings, wooden floors, large windows and fireplace.

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The original house is distributed in two bedrooms and it has nothing more and nothing less than ... fourteen windows! However, for the filming of the series the decorators wanted to give it a look more informal, making it look like a study. In this way, Lexi's makeshift bedroom is actually an office with space for a desk, a swivel chair, and a bench on a carpet with casual airs.

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The rest of the common areas were designed with an open plan that connects the kitchen, dining room, living room and office in the same area full of natural light.
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The two bedrooms are as spacious as the bathrooms, with a bathtub and shower, and large windows.
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Do you know what is best of all? That the apartment is for sale for 3 million euros (approximately). Do we keep it?

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