This house does have style

This house does have style

The owner of this apartment commissioned her reform to Mireia Pla, of Vuong Interiorismo. It had an impractical distribution, with many hallways that gave access to the rooms and that did not let natural light flow. The interior designer's solution: a functional distribution, with which to take full advantage of natural light. Her project, developed by the Coblonal Arquitectura construction company, is based on two pillars: create areas by day and night, and give breadth to the kitchen.

With the new distribution, living room and dining room merge with the outside through large windows of the terrace. For its part, the kitchen, which was wanted independent of the living room, seems to be part of it as a third environment. How is it possible? With a large glazed partition, the visual depth increases, the light flows and the limits of each space are almost diluted. The kitchen, with its large multi-purpose island, whose countertop is extended to create a office with a bar and stools High, it is designed to become a meeting place for family and friends. It is a large space that also serves as a transition to the most private area of ​​the house, which has several bedrooms, the main one, with an integrated bathroom.

Refering to decoration, highlights the homogeneity in colors and materials, what does the white and wood a duet protagonist who is giving visual continuity to the environments. The objective: live in a cozy, comfortable and modern house, with a neutral base so that the furniture could stand out. The interior designer also knew how to make great use of space with her custom designs, such as the sofa in the living room and the stylish dining room library. For the bedrooms also projected furniture ad hoc,like the inverted L-shaped desk that happens in front of built-in cabinets in the main one, and the study and storage solutions in the youth room.

Advertising - Read on below A living room with large windows

Natural tones are protagonists in the bright living area, where a maxi L-sofa focuses attention. To emphasize, the dynamism and the brushstrokes of color that contribute the cushions and the auxiliary furniture. Sofa, Vuong Interior design. Cushions: in yellow and blue velvet, Filocolore, and prints, of, where the basket also comes from. The tables are from Stua. Blankets, of Matter. Picture by Lu Ink. BSB carpet. Decoration project, by Mireia Pla, by Vuong Interiorismo.

Coffee tables

The circular and oval tables, the triangular ones without edges and those with forms similar to a river song… are in fashion! In addition to beautiful, they also make the passage in the living area more fluid. Choose a game of two or three! Coffee table, by Stua.

A bookcase in the dining room

The dining room combines white and wooden furniture, a warm and current duo that conveys feelings of balance and order. The bookshop, commissioned to measure, becomes a harmonic background that also enhances the luminosity. Library designed by Vuong Interiorismo. Ceiling lamp, Illuminate. Mesa, by Sancal, acquired at DomésticoShop. Chairs CH24, from Carl Hansen & Son.

Which lamp to choose for the dining room?

First, to fulfill the function of illuminating the environment. Then, let your design add style. Ideal, this lamp, of Illuminate; his look Natural and current harmonizes with the decoration.

Outdoor dining

With large glazed doors, the fusion of the dining room with the exterior is total. A full success: the chromatic homogeneity in & out, since the outdoor environment maintains the same palette as the interior. Bandalux roller blinds, made in Villegas Curtains and Blinds. On the terrace, furniture designed by Patricia Urquiola for Kettal: chairs Maia and table Vieques

Curved chairs

Since the 50s, the chair CH24, by Car Hansen & Son, surprises with its handmade and elegant invoice. Also known as Y and Wishbone, It looks spectacular in modern, rustic and avant-garde interiors. Cushion, of Matter.

Living room and kitchen

From the living room, the glass partition shows a kitchen with style and finishes in harmony with the interior design project. Behind the transparent sheet you can see the access door to this space, also made of glass and with a chrome bar handle. To the right of the image, the hall, with shelf and a Venetian-inspired mirror. Floor lamp, Materia.
Decorated leather pouf, from Sacum.

Transparent wall

The kitchen was projected as a space independent of the living room, although as one of its walls is glazed, the two spaces are visually connected. In the foreground, the white multifunction peninsula.

A kitchen with views

The distribution of the kitchen was made according to the window. Thus, the island, equipped with large drawers and cooking area, is oriented outward to take advantage of its light and panoramic. A plus of design: the extractor hood, embedded in the false ceiling, does not interrupt the vision. Kitchen furniture model Ariane 2, by Santos, with synthetic worktop, by Corian. Slate wall, of Matter. Extractor hood, by Gutmann. Induction and wok plates, from Neff.

An island kitchen

Image of the island, whose countertop is extended on the sides to turn this area of ​​the kitchen into a breakfast bar and office. Stools, by Alki.

A complete and functional kitchen

The sink was installed facing the cooking zone. It has another large countertop surface, in addition to numerous cabinets and maxi drawers. Grifo, from Tres Taps. Salvamanteles, from Ikea. Wooden plates and silverware boat, of

Children's bedroom in white and wood

The distribution on two parallel fronts, with shelves and custom furniture, takes advantage of the rectangular floor of the youth bedroom. A plus of warmth: the wood that covers one of the walls. Furniture, design by Vuong Interior design. Quilt and cushions, from Filocolore. Mercantic chair. In the corridor, the door, designed by Mireia Pla, was made with old pine, bought in Mercantic, by the carpenters of the work.

Practical lighting

A flexo like the one in the photo, which is from Pilma, could be one of the allies to encourage early reading. Its foot is articulated and its screen, adjustable. If the light beam is projected up, it provides ambient lighting.

A serene and natural bedroom

A brushstroke of navy blue in the bed manages to give more visual interest to this bedroom, decorated in white and wood, a combination without stridency, ideal to favor rest and relaxation. Bed design, Vuong Interior design, with headboard and bedside tables. Lamp, by Spiridon. Blanket, of Matter. Bedding and cushions, from Filocolore. Pictures, from Little House.

A jewel lamp

The romantic touch in the bedroom is put by a pendant lamp and crystal, Spiridon, shaped like a drop of water. So close to the window, it also dazzles by day with its sparkles.

Desk corner

In the bedroom, the front of fitted wardrobes is completed with a work table, made to measure, to optimize the space; It is integrated into the decoration with its refined design and, with its white color, it blends with the walls and carpentry. Mercantic chair. Desk, Vuong Interior design.

In the bathroom, white and wood

In the bathroom, with refined and contemporary aesthetics, sinks and countertop, from Silestone, on lacquered furniture with drawers.

Waterfall Faucet

Chromed and with minimalist aesthetics, the pipe exposes the water with a waterfall-shaped outlet. A mixer tap like this, like this one from Tres Taps, gives a sophisticated air to any bathroom.

Plan and ideas of the reform

- The decoration of the master bedroom highlights, in principle, for its simplicity, color harmony and clarity, three key factors to create a sense of spaciousness. The wood of the headboard, on such a white stage, becomes a focal point and makes the room much warmer.

- But that room also has practical ideas that also add style; such as the wall-to-wall shelf, an ideal stand to wear, and also rotate, pictures and photographs; and the desk, attached to the front of cabinets to gain a small corner of work or study.