This Christmas, children invade the kitchen

This Christmas, children invade the kitchen


In full swing of celebrations between friends and family, the kitchen becomes the protagonist of the home. Not surprisingly, it is where "everything" will involve the meeting with your loved ones, which will occur, almost certainly, around the table. Further, the children are on vacation and spend a lot of time at home: make them partakers of the feast and take them with you to the kitchen, since teaching them to cook stimulates their imagination and instills good eating habits. Making homemade cookies, with natural ingredients, can be an afternoon with the most creative with the kids as well as a perfect excuse to be with the family. You sign up?


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Cooking is a very enriching activity for the little ones: they wake up their imagination, feel useful and spend more time with the family. So, it is not a bad idea that you allocate a corner of your kitchen for them, so that they can prepare their recipes without taking any risk: put them a stool so that they reach the table or countertop, buy colored bowls, candy molds and pieces They are resistant, shockproof.

To the bread, bread IKEA

For children, choose simple recipes, because if they are very elaborate they can get bored. A good way to start is by making bread. To do this, try not to miss any utensils. Starting with bread will help them, for example, to better understand where this food comes from and make them value everything you serve.

Funny utensils Lilliputiens

Nothing will motivate them more than having their own cooking utensils, like this fun whisk whose handle is a nice little bear.


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Stains under control Lilliputiens

Of course, to cook safely from unwanted stains, do not forget to buy an apron with matching hat as cute as this set inspired by a ... lemur!


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The highlight of these parties - and your children - is the making of sweets. Christmas cookies are simple and delicious. You can do them together and play with the shapes of the pasta cutters. The key to its texture is in baking. It is necessary to have a quality oven, with timer to set the cooking time. For example, the IKEA MATTRADITION oven, with a safety lock that makes it ideal for children.


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The little ones love colors, boxes, boats ... They will also enjoy a lot if you let them organize their little things: the pasta cutters in a box; the muffin molds, in another; the cookies they have prepared, in the largest of all ... Order, design and enjoyment are not at odds.


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Crazy about order IKEA

Christmas is not only nourished by cooking. Another entertaining option to spend the afternoon with your children is to rearrange the pantry, by size or by color. Does not matter. Another idea: apple garlands, fragrant and decorative, like the one in the picture. It is not beautiful?