A kitchen without partitions

A kitchen without partitions

Among the successes of the reform of this house, a terraced house casual look, We were especially fascinated by the kitchen. Without partition walls of any kind (although it does have one, invisible glass), it is completely open to the house. After a renovation, the owners of this house decided to create the kitchen they so longed for, perfect to use daily with the aim of sharing moments with friends and family.

It was conceived as a meeting place in which to eat daily or in which the children perform the daily task while preparing dinner. A place focused on living together. Also the appetizer with the visit while the food preparations are finalized.

For this, all the partitions were removed. The kitchen is located next to a window that gives it natural light. Through it you access the front area of ​​the chalet where a cozy outdoor dining room has been placed.

It also communicates with the living room and the interior dining room. Clearly, it is the center of the house.

A large work island hosts a breakfast bar, in addition to the plate and sink. On the wall, a whole floor to ceiling warehouse front With blinds that hide shelves, drawers, doors and the refrigerator.

Only a fixed glass defines it at one end, the one that coincides with the hall of the house although with total visual connection. That fixed glass has a bookcase and furniture on the side of the entrance.

Do you want to see all the details that the kitchen hides? Do not miss the video!

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