How to have the garden ready for the arrival of the cold

How to have the garden ready for the arrival of the cold

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The garden now needs some basic care, so that the growth of your flowers and plants during the rest of the year is optimal.

🍂 Collect the remains of plants and deciduous trees.

🍂 It's time to prune the bushes and sanitize them.

🍂 Remove the dried flowers, and leave those containing inside capsules of seeds.

🍂 Cut the grass.

🍂 Remove the dried leaves so that oxygen enters.

🍂 Protects the Earth of frost.

🍂 Put leaves around the plants you have planted.

Combine spaces with deciduous and evergreen: you will get a garden full of colors all year.

To perform all these tasks, you have to have a good ally: the tools,

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New life for your furniture

Do you have some old furniture or worn that you don't use? Do not throw it away! Take advantage of them and give them a new use. You can mount a corner full of charm on your balcony or terrace and enjoy the autumn afternoons. A unique and original space. They just need a special treatment to protect them from the weather and ready!

Clean and dry the furniture well and remove the remains of the previous paint with solvent or sandpaper. Apply colorless oil to exterior wood surfaces and give it a colorless layer, as toxic as possible. You can convert the drawers of a comfortable in planters with your favorite plants and reserve some of them as a seedbed.

Fruit boxes are perfect to create a composition where to place the pots.

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Let's go to class!

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