More than 20 ideas to organize the closet

More than 20 ideas to organize the closet

The key when choosing a closet is to analyze how your clothes are. Separate those that bend from those that hang. If you have many of the first, it is obvious that you will need shelves and shelves. As for the second, put aside the long ones, like dresses and coats, and on the other the short ones. The latter predominate, like blouses and skirts? Then, organize a hanging area with two bars, one below the other, and you will make the space profitable.

Grouping clothes by categories is essential. If you know that on the left you keep the shirts, you will not have to waste time passing the hangers around the closet one by one until you find the one you are looking for. And it is that the visualization of the content is basic. The removable accessories -bands, basketstrousers bars perpendicular to the closet doors instead of parallel… - they bring before your eyes everything that would otherwise force you to bend over or dive among a mess of sleeves, skirts and pants.

Use elements that help you keep what you keep in place. Keep in mind that a messy closet is a wasted closet. Boxes and baskets on the shelves, as well as internal organizers in the drawers, prevent accessories such as necklaces or gloves from moving and mixing with each other every time you open or close. Finally, analyze the light. The interior lighting systems, with LEDs in shelves and bars that barely generate heat and that are activated alone when opening the door, will avoid the discomfort of taking out in the dark of winter what you thought was a blouse to discover that it is a pajama .


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How about closing the balcony and transforming it into a dressing room? Distribute its interior with bars to hang clothes and shelves. Here, shoes and hats are organized in bookstores decorated with PVC moldings, Leroy Merlin, fixed with tail. Boxes, from Zara Home. Picture by Alejandra Duarte

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Dressing room with chest of drawers

The concept of dressing is that of an open space in which it is easy to choose your style because clothes and accessories are in sight. An idea that can be achieved with a structure fixed to the wall. Suspension rail Algot allows you to modify the position of shoemakers, bars, shelves and baskets, as you add or subtract items. This dressing room is completed with the 6-drawer chest of drawers Malm; its measurements: 160 x 48 x 78 cm (€ 119). Rail, in 190 x 40 x 196 cm (€ 213). Everything from Ikea.

Dressing room with sliding doors

Some homes include a room so small that there is barely room to place a single bed in it. One option is to make it profitable as a dressing room. Ideally, plan your U-shaped distribution, with sliding doors that are embedded in the wall so as not to lose storage space. And an interior with shoemakers, bars and shelves from floor to ceiling. Project, of the study of Mamen de la Concha.

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Slanted shelves with stops

Adapt to the needs of those who use it. Here, the passion for footwear led to allocating half of the space to sloping shelves that all pairs exhibit. The stops prevent anyone from falling.

Removable shoe rack

The division of the space in shelves facilitates the classification of the garments and, therefore, their location when necessary. Shelves (from € 10/2 units). Drawers (€ 60/2). Removable shoe rack (€ 39.95). Everything is from Leroy Merlin.


White lacquered wardrobe

Fundamental: that the interior is compartmentalized. Boxes and baskets help to better distribute what you keep in them. Wardrobe, in 150 x 50 x 185 cm (€ 719).


Perforated sides

The contents of a closet may vary over time. Be foresight and includes perforated sides that allow you to modify the height of the shelves. Each of these modules offers multiple options to redesign your interior. It is a project of 2Arquitectos

Fitted wardrobes

What could have been a bland area has become an attractive space. The built-in cabinets on the left, with white fronts, contrast with the exempt design, in oak, on the right; Its slender legs and the multiple doors and drawers, add character to the dressing room. Design
by Laura Terés, made to measure.


Wardrobe with wooden fronts with slats

In decoration there are two options for a closet: turn it into an element with interest or try to make it go unnoticed. The one in the image corresponds to the first category. Its wooden fronts with slats on the sides, added to the central doors with crescent mirrors that form an oval, attract all eyes. Interior designer, Belén Ferrándiz.

Wall to wall cabinet

This closet, wall to wall and floor to ceiling, was located behind the headboard, with enough space to access the clothes. The result? Lying down, it disappears from view and the bedroom seems clearer. But, upon entering the room, its original fronts frame the bed and enhance it. It is a project of Johannes Kiefer.

House-shaped closet

Its house shape with a gable roof attracts attention. Not to mention the doors, decorated with a map! Wardrobe, by Little Nice Things (€ 399).

White fronts cabinet

In a quick glance, these white fronts could be confused with the bedroom wall. The smooth doors without handles - the pressure opening systems make them unnecessary - are an example of decorative camouflage. Even the separations between the bodies could pass through the wood panel joints of a tongue and groove wall painted in white.

Narrow drawers

Some garments, such as lingerie and socks, hardly need space. Keep it in mind when
of planning the interior of your closet: in independent drawers and with little height they will be in sight and they will be better organized. Model custom wardrobe Indian oak, from Schmidt Cocinas.

Folding bar

Warehouse in the closet or dressing room consists of installing a bar as close as possible to the ceiling. Of course, it is necessary to be foldable to lower it to a comfortable height when we access the garments that hang on it. Swing hanger for cabinets 70-90 cm (€ 41). It's from Leroy Merlin.

Mini jeweler with hook

Mini jeweler with hook.


Keep the dressing room in order. Group and store jewelry and other small accessories separately. From Primark, support Pretty little things for jewelry (€ 7) and round box (€ 4).

Coat rack with wheels

You will need specific accessories to organize the garments. From Howards Storage World: metal coat rack, in 91 x 46 x 190 cm (€ 160.95); cloth boxes (from € 9.95); baskets (from € 5.95); and hanging organizer for cabinets that have few shelves (€ 17.95).

Green basket

Basket (€ 38.90) of Car Möbel.

Flower-shaped hanger

With it, no handkerchief will slip. Flower-shaped hanger lined with peach skin. For up to 12 scarves (€ 4.95). From Howards Storage World.

Hanger for ties and belts

Ties and belts have some complexity. The first slips, and the second snag. On this hanger, the ties are rolled up and the belts are hung by the buckles. From the Umbra firm (€ 10).

Transparent boxes

The perfect solution to stack footwear. The transparent boxes expose the pair that they keep inside, and its opening type drawer allows access to the shoes from the front. From the Jocca firm (€ 11.90 / 2).

Vinyl to fix on the door

No one will have doubts about what your closet is. Vinyl to fix on the door, available in several sizes and 49 colors. In 18 x 50 cm (€ 8.10). It is sold in

Ethnic shooters

The ethnic design and the texture of the beads will make your closet a very personal design. Handles (€ 6.23). In Monty's Vintage Shop.

Wooden hearts

To hang on the knobs. Knot them and you will prevent them from falling when you open the door. Wooden hearts, from Primark (€ 3).