A house between sun and shadow

A house between sun and shadow

The interior designer Alicia Sánchez Moreno, from the Mill-House studio, performed the reform of this house, owned by a cosmopolitan woman who wanted a current house but, at the same time, wanted to keep all her Family inheritance furniture. With Alicia's project everything was possible, since it changed completely with a new distribution, which achieves an almost diaphanous space on the first floor, and reserve the ground floor for a bedroom that connects to an outdoor lounge and pool. On the first floor, the stairs mark the spatial division: on one side there is the living-dining room and on the other, the kitchen-office, although both seem a single environment due to the breadth of the passage area that communicates them.

In the living room, an original element of the house, the fireplace, is also key to the distribution of the environments. Its stately mouth and gray painted partition offer an elegant aesthetic, ideal for the dining room. Its rear face is another home around which a seating area is created. In it you enjoy an extraordinary luminosity and of the vision of the exterior thanks to the succession of new enclosures in its facade. With the reform the house also opens pavements. A french oak flooring The oil harmonizes with the classic furniture in the living room and offers a warm surface that embellishes the environment with its grain and natural knots. A different flooring was chosen for the kitchen; It is a stuccoed and continuous surface, full of nuances, which arouses maximum interest and enhances the black granite countertop and oak furniture.

That same handmade finish creates an endless chiaroscuro in the bedroom, which envelops the atmosphere in a serenity halo. To stand out in interior design, the role of white and simplicity without artifice. A plus, the warm and homely air created with the bookstore, which acts as a headboard, and the corner with a retro desk. Next to the latter, access to the porch, converted into an outdoor lounge.

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In the living room highlights the luminosity and the perfect balance of the pieces that decorate it. The sofa and the two armchairs - inherited and reupholstered - gain greater relief with the carpet in blues.

Coffee table and lamps, by Maisons du Monde. Cushions, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. Carpet, from the Golran firm, distributed by Dolz Collection.

Garden with pool

The house, in addition to having large windows has a nice porch a few meters from the pool.

Large windows

The succession of glazed enclosures provides an extraordinary luminosity to the living room of the house, located on the first floor.

Windows, from Finstral.

Catwalk Cushions

The chic detail for the living room can be an ultra-feminine cushion like this one, whose fabric faithfully reproduces a frilly lace with embroidered flowers. Cushion Frou Frou Rose, by Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild, in Usera Usera.

Retro leather

With its wear, it reflects the passage of time. How to renew the sofa? It is easy to update your look with several well-toned cushions. Here we chose pink, but the great success is to add a black and white striped cushion, in harmony with the windows.

Cushions, by Designers Guild, for sale in Usera Usera.

Outdoor lounge with access to the pool

On the porch, cushions, from MCH and Nobilis. Carpet, by Golran, distributed by Dolz Collection.

The pool: An urban oasis

The environment of the pool stands out for its warm and refined aesthetics. A parquet is combined, which frames the glass and also extends into the wall, with a white partition, which provides more luminosity to the sheet of water.

Project, by interior designer Alicia Sánchez Moreno, of the Mill-House studio.

Fusion of styles in the dining room

The chairs of the Eames, an icon of contemporary design, are the counterpoint to the classic dining room furniture, inherited by the owner of the house. A success, its orientation towards the wall of the chimney: the gray paint brings the right dose of sobriety and harmonizes with the elegant mouthpiece.

Interior design, Alicia Sánchez Moreno, from the Mill-House studio. Chairs, from Vitra.

A fireplace separates the dining room

The chimney marks the separation of the environments in the living room naturally. Oriented towards it is the dining room and behind, the living room. The circulation between the two is fluid and the light finds no obstacles.

Vases, from Kartell. Dishes Hybrid, of the signature Seletti, and cutlery, acquired in Isolée. Oak flooring, Tropical Outdoors.

A surprising tableware

The dishes stand out for their originality; it seems that two disparate halves were broken, broken after an accident ... Sensational!

Dishes, from Seletti, and cutlery, from Isolée.

The target…

The color that harmonizes with everyone else is a perfect choice for a decoration with dark wood furniture.

Vitra chair. Vase, by Kartell. French oak oak flooring, from Tropical Outdoors.

Jewel details

The lamp, the mirror and the vases give the dining room a more stately air. The crystal also shines in contact with the light and its brightness creates multiple points of interest.

Lamp and mirror are pieces inherited by the owner.

Composition with charme in the hall

In harmony with the aesthetics of the dining room, the hall was decorated, a space open to the living room and located on the wall that hides the stairs. A golden mirror, for its ornamental elements and carved molding, is spectacular. Its dimensions, moreover, are consistent with the breadth of space and its moon projects natural light.

He is accompanied by an old console, which gains relevance with the mirror, and a golden wall light, which adds elegance to the duo.

Mix of textures in the kitchen

The black granite countertop and oak form a sophisticated tandem, which is enriched with the naturalness of the coated coating. Notably, the parallel distribution that conveys a sense of order; Opposite fronts are the work area, without tall furniture, and the most bulky appliances.

Extractor hood, from Elica. In the office, a handmade lamp, acquired in the south of France. Pavement, Mill-House.

Kitchen with a rustic chic touch

The tap with removable spout gives a professional air to this rustic-inspired kitchen, equipped with oak furniture and shell handles. With a similar but more traditional style, the office table and chairs, bought in the south of France.

Kitchen, Albura. Faucet and sink, by Franke. Polka dot and cutlery bottles, from Isolée. Individuals, by Gastón and Daniela.

A bright and spacious bedroom

The spaciousness, luminosity and direct access to the porch lounge make the bedroom a perfect space to rest and disconnect from the routine.

Next to the bed, bedside table, Zara Home. Carpet, from the Golran firm, distributed by Dolz Collection.

A very personal decoration

The bookcase that acts as a headboard gives a more homely and cozy air to the rest area, decorated in white. Textiles, with their contrast in soft brushstrokes, fill the environment with vitality.

Duvet cover by Ikea. Cushions and blanket, from Designers Guild, in Usera Usera.

A corner in the bedroom

Cushions and plaid with flowers, by Gastón and Daniela. Kartell transparent table. Pendant lamp, design
from Mill-House.

Trendy lighting

This ceiling lamp evokes the simplicity of the work light, which is limited to a solitary bulb and a cable. It is a Mill-House design, in which six bulbs that seem to float are grouped.

A charming desk

In the bedroom a work corner was created around an old desk. It is a space where natural ventilation and light contribute to create a peaceful atmosphere, which facilitates concentration.

Chair Comback, design by Patricia Urquiola for Kartell. Shelves, for sale in Ikea.

Plan and ideas of the reform

A kitchen with character

- Oak furniture and its aesthetics evoke the country style, although it is equipped to the last. The handmade stucco on walls and floor, with an effect similar to polished cement, helps to create that image, but also the absence of tall furniture in the work area and shell handles.
- Spectacular, the tap with removable shower and the purity of the black granite countertop South Africa, which harmonizes with the windows.
- A success, concentrate the most bulky elements on the opposite wall: high cabinet with large storage capacity, column ovens and refrigerators.