The warmth of wood at your feet

The warmth of wood at your feet

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A solid wood floor requires a different procedure than multilayer parquet. The first sticks to the ground or sticks on battens. In the second, the installation is floating - as in this room, decorated by the Architectural Studio 2 Architects with oak wood - with sheets glued together or with an assembly system.

Ecological wood floors

Make sure the wooden floor comes from sustainable forests. As the collection Habitat, of the firm Kährs. Range Linnea It is only 7 mm thick - in front of the standard, 15 mm - which allows the floor to be renewed in the dwellings without height differences occurring in the encounter with other rooms, which would force the doors to be cut below. Despite being a multilayer floor, the size of its tables, 180 x 15 cm, gives the appearance of a solid platform.

Floors with timeless design

If you like to be fashionable, you are interested in the floor fitting with furniture of all styles. The absence of knots and the delicate veins of the model White Oak, of the series Perspective Wide, offer a surface suitable for rustic, romantic or design environments. In addition, subsoils can be installed below that mitigate the echo of the steps inside the room and the sounds of the neighbors. In plates of 138 x 19 cm. It is from the Quick Step firm.

Outdoor wooden floors

Woods with a heat treatment do not mold or rot. Unlike those that are impregnated with chemicals to withstand wind and rain, this procedure respects the environment. Solid Thermory ash wood slats undergo this thermal process. And since they come from sustainable North American forests, they are an ecological alternative to the exploitation of tropical timber. Available in tables of 95 x 20 cm and 132 x 20 cm. De Gabarró.

Perfect floors in sunny houses

The direct incidence of the sun's rays on the wood can become discolored over time. If the floor of your home receives a good daily dose of sunlight, congratulations! But you should choose a suitable alternative to prevent it from deteriorating. Laminate Tundra, from Ikea, has a white melamine finish that reflects the luminosity but remains unchanged from sun wear. It is installed with a click system.

Wooden floors for life

If you want that, when your children grow up, the ground is still in good condition, look for a guaranteed model. Plates Polar Oak, from Quick Step, are made with three layers of wood plus a 7-layer varnish finish that resists wear, scratches, water and household chemicals. Here the wood is brushed and has a matt varnish, but it is also available with silky and satin varnish. In 182 x 14.5 x 1.4 cm The best? It has a lifetime warranty!

Wooden floor with long boards

Long tables accentuate the feeling of depth. If you are interested in enhancing this effect, place the slats in the direction of the light's entrance. Choose a model with beveled sides, like this smoked oak floor: with the joints marked, you will make the space seem more elongated. In areas such as kitchens and bathrooms it is essential that the wood has a water-repellent treatment - which means that, if it swells, its volume does not increase above 18% - so that it resists moisture and possible water seepage.

How to care for wooden floors

A doormat will prevent the sand of the shoes from eroding the wood. Protective felts under furniture legs will prevent scratches. And if it has beveled edges, like this laminate Winter Oak, Pergo, after passing the drained mop, dry the floor with a mop, so that there is no water left in the joints.

Floor for the hobbies corner

What are you most passionate about: painting, DIY ...? You need a resistant floor, capable of following your creative rhythm. The laminates combine a solid core with successive layers in the finish you want, which implies a greater resistance than wood and a simple cleaning. The model Natural Oak Expression, Pergo signature, combines layers by heat and pressure to obtain a resistance similar to that of titanium. If while you work it is stained with tar, pencil, ink or ash, you can clean it with burning alcohol, acetone or turpentine.
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Wooden flooring for the bedroom

May no noise take your sleep away. Cork floors are excellent acoustic insulators, since they reduce the transmission of sound to the structure of the building, which dampens slamming doors and blows that take place, even on other floors. The model Alaska Oak, Wicanders signature, belongs to the collection Vinylcomfort: a cork floor topped with a vinyl sheet in a wide range of finishes.

Clean the wooden floor

A wooden floor is for living: so enjoy it! Fruit or milk stains are removed with a drained mop and neutral soap; and ink, with a soft cloth impregnated with alcohol. The mini scratches are concealed with a special marker for wood. In the depths a putty is applied, which is then sanded and covered with a varnish of the same shade. Everything, in Leroy Merlin. Bedroom decorated by Laura Ashley: furniture, wallpaper Etta Geraniumand curtains with cloth Giselle Geranio.