Bet on the 'hygge' philosophy in decorating your home

Bet on the 'hygge' philosophy in decorating your home


Among all the deco concepts we heard last year, the hygge Danish is probably the most repeated, and everything indicates that it will continue like this. But ... why is it so successful? In our opinion, the simplicity of the process, and the undoubted benefits of the results. Because what philosophy proposes hygge It is as simple as following a series of steps that, applied daily, will improve your quality of life.

To start, a cozy decoration is key, beyond aesthetics, to disconnect from the stress of work when you get home. And this extends to all corners, both interior and exterior, since another of the guidelines is the need to make life outdoors.

Lie on the terrace to contemplate the stars, prepare a barbecue on the weekend ... These are plans that take you away from hyperconnectivity and bring you closer to the real world.

Don't you think it's a great life philosophy? Well read on, because we are going to help you get it!

Advertising - Read on below 1 Replenish strength IKEA

As we already mentioned, philosophy hygge flees from hyperconnectivity, and that means that the bedroom should be a territory free of mobiles, computers and televisions, focused solely on rest of body and mind.

One of the simplest ways to achieve a calm and harmonious space is by using plants. There are many types, and some even help alleviate respiratory diseases such as asthma!

Similarly, including natural materials such as wood in the decoration of our room, will enhance that relaxed atmosphere. You can start with the GJÖRA bed structure (€ 229), embellishing it with a garland of lights or flowers; and bet on a discreet closet in a soft color that favors rest, such as the PAX model (€ 455).

2 Healthy cooking IKEA

The Nordics are very aware of the importance of eating healthy, although once a week there are small caprices in the form of sweet, because if there is something worse than poor diet, it is, without doubt ... anxiety!

That is why the kitchen becomes an essential space, not only to prepare succulent recipes with organic products, but also as a meeting place.

Large kitchens to move fluently, simply decorated keeping in sight only what is necessary ... These are some of the characteristics that describe philosophy hygge.

The LERHYTTAN doors (€ 35) made of solid wood are discreet, but they enjoy that rustic home-like charm. And the same goes for glass showcases (€ 55), ready to expose the most flirty dishes.

3 Home Spa IKEA

Can you think of a better plan to free yourself from stress than a candlelit foam bath, while your playlist favorite? And pampering is essential to achieve spiritual peace.

You can use essential oils, natural scrubs ... And all those products that contribute to renew yourself outside and inside, as if it were a sacred ritual.

For the result to be optimal, the bathroom should be a bright place, but also tidy, so you always have what you need on hand.

The VILTO shelf (€ 59), made with birch, is ideal for placing towels on its multiple shelves, and you can decorate it with a beautiful plant to enhance its naturalness. In addition, the step stool, also from the VILTO series (€ 19.99), will be great for placing the products you are going to use next to the bathtub.

4 The art of working IKEA

One of the focuses of greatest stress in today's society is work. Technical problems, burdens ... It is very easy to fall into the error of internalizing situations until reaching the point of overflowing psychologically. And that, of course, has a negative impact on our mood and health.

But the same goes for people who work from home, since doing so from a distance is not synonymous with being exempt from difficulties. The only advantage? They can choose how the environment around them is, something that will make the difference between outstanding efficiency and another not so bright.

Having a large office, which allows maintaining a certain order while creating an environment conducive to concentration, is ideal. And this is achieved, first, by choosing a room with natural light, accompanied by a calm tone on the walls, like a pink or dusty blue.

The following is clear, a desk with adjustable height such as SKARSTA (€ 219), a chest of drawers with wheels like HELMER (€ 34.99), where you can store all documents and move them easily, and a chair that does not fancy getting up, like LÅNGFJÄLL (€ 149).

5 Between books IKEA

To disconnect from the world, apart from chatting with your family and friends, there is no better remedy than a good book. Above all, if you have the habit of reading created since childhood.

Of course, in the same way that technological distractions are not allowed in the bedroom, you should not accept them in your reading room either. It may cost you a little at first, but as soon as you get used to it you will realize how much you earn in mental health, because there is nothing worse than continuous distractions!

Whatever the size of your living room, a wing chair like STRANDMON (€ 199) will fit in any corner of the cinema, and since it has a high back, you will keep the cervicals at bay.

6 A natural room IKEA

Nature and philosophy hygge They are closely related. Therefore, another of the guidelines when decorating areas such as the living room, is to opt for green tones that remind of forests, the freshness of plants ... And that, in short, conceive an environment that calls for relaxation.

Lighter or darker, choose colors based on your preferences, but do not hesitate to bet on the total look with a comfortable sofa like VIMLE (€ 559), cushions with botanical prints like GILLHOV (€ 10), and even cheerful curtains with leaf motifs like FJÄDERKLINT (€ 69), to complete the set.

The important thing, after all, is to feel the vibrations of nature in your own home. You dare?

7 eternal terraces IKEA

Having a terrace at home, no matter how small, is a real luxury. The problem comes when we do not give it the use it deserves due to laziness or ignorance, and it is that the cold seasons invite people to live in the classrooms, and just thinking about going outdoors causes immediate rejection.

To start enjoying these little oases 365 days a year, the first thing we should do is equip them based on something essential: the weather. If you live in the north, it will probably rain continuously, so you will need to install a roof that resists storms.

Next, you will have to give it life with an outdoor furniture adapted to your style, and decorate the environment to create a totally zen corner.

A sofa like KUNGSHOLMEN (€ 366), and a matching coffee table (€ 70), are the perfect start. Accompany them by an arsenal of blankets and cushions, and finally, add warmth with the BORRBY lanterns (€ 7). It's ready!