How to dress the windows with curtains or blinds

How to dress the windows with curtains or blinds

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Separate environments

It is an easy and economical way to differentiate spaces If you do not want to hinder visibility and lose light, choose translucent fabrics or string models. You can also use curtains to hide what we don't want to be seen, such as storage areas or closets;

2 coordinated bedrooms

Use the same fabric or a shade of the same color palette for curtains and some other decorative element of the room, such as a bed plaid, but without abuse, because the excess can create overwhelming environments. From Leroy Merlin.

3 As a couple

Dress your windows with thick curtains of dark colors and curtains or blinds of light fabrics. and light colors In this way you will let the light through during the day and at night you will maintain your privacy and gain darkness; La Redoute

4 Thinking of the kids

Fresh cotton fabrics with bright colors or childish motifs are perfect in children's rooms. Better blinds, because they are more practical and create a lighter effect. Bedroom with fabrics from the Pepino collection, from Scion for sale in Pepe Peñalver.

5 Pickups

Remove the curtains from the window so that more light comes in using clamps or curtains. Topped with trim or tassels, they will give an elegant touch. You can also tie them, you will get a romantic atmosphere. From Affari.

6 In search of the practical

In the kitchen choose fabrics suffered and that are resistant to moisture, steam and smoke. That they can be machine washed and easy to remove and put on, as they will stain and catch odors often. Laura Ashley.

7 New materials

Traditional materials, such as cotton and linen, have been joined by others, such as bamboo and jute. These natural fabrics let in the light without being seen and are very resistant, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Jute Estor by Deco & Living

8 Craftsmen

Do you dare to make your own curtains? Crochet and macramé are the most common techniques. Cheer up! They are easy to learn and you'll save a lot of money. Ideal for boho style environments. And if they have color, they will be perfect on terraces and porches.