A table in the garden inspired by coral

A table in the garden inspired by coral

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The white tablecloth offers a stark contrast so that all coral pieces stand out even more. The vibrant chromatism and the mixture of such diverse forms achieve a unique composition. Spiral conch dishes by Sandra Marcos (€ 10.50 each). Paperweight jellyfish and vase, from Zara Home.

Earthenware jug

Surprising for its spectacular, almost sculptural design. Caramel-shaped earthenware jug, from Zara Home (€ 39.99).


Made with abalarios, this Zara Home table mat is also useful for composing a candle center (€ 17.99).


To group coastal-inspired ornaments, openwork tray, from Zara Home (€ 19.99). Dofta marine potpourri, from Ikea.

Salad bowl

For salads, covered with coral mango (€ 48) and fountain (€ 16.90), by Sandra Marcos.


Shiny copper, to add a pinch of glamor. Cutlery, from Zara Home (from € 4.50 each).

Napkin holder

Renew the look of the white napkins, with a napkin as colorful as this, by Sandra Marcos (€ 5).


Good idea! Different plates with prints at different scales. Coral Dinnerware, by Sandra Marcos: deep and flat dishes (€ 11.50 and € 12.50) and dessert (€ 7.50).

Glass fountain

A classic in coral tone, with blue base. Glass fountain for desserts, from Zara Home (€ 29.99).


An embroidered reef, full of nuances, on the Zara Home tablecloth (€ 79.99). Very natural!


The blue brushstroke, cool as the sea. The undulations of the glass evoke the movement of the waves. From Zara Home (€ 3.99).