6 Ideas to decorate your house with the color of the year: Living Coral

6 Ideas to decorate your house with the color of the year: Living Coral

Vital, effervescent, sociable ... this is the tone more trendy of 2019. It's the Living Coral, from Pantone, that you will see in interior design, fashion, graphic design… We tell you how to incorporate it into the decoration so that your home is renewed.

Welcome Living Coral!

Pantone chooses the color of the year and each one decides in which dose to apply it, much, little or, perhaps, nothing, according to the fascination that arouses in each person. There is no obligation but ... if you are attracted to it a little or directly it seems irresistible, take a chance on it, even if it was not among your favorites or was a complete stranger.

Ideas to integrate it into the decoration: Cushions, plaids and carpets are the first options, but not the only ones. Take note to make a hole with ceramics, vases, furniture that is updated with chalk paint in this tone or floral arrangements, with roses, peonies, tulips and gerberas in coral.

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Extra dose of joy

If you were looking for a radical change in decoration, bet on a wall painted in coral. From Pantone they affirm that it is a tone "symbol of our innate need for optimism and cheerful activities" and that "personifies our desire to express ourselves in a playful way". If the walls of your house fell silent long ago, let them express themselves, speak and convey vitality.

How will it look?
Color is a resource that decorators dominate, but you can also dare. Enter websites and simulators of paint manufacturers to discover new color ranges and download their applications to know how the wall you want to paint will look.

Matte plastic paint, by Bruguer (€ 23/4 l approx.); above, terracotta tone, and below, guava juice.

2 Wonders of nature

The 16-1546 Living Coral, the color more trendy Of the year, it pays tribute to the spectacular landscape of coral reefs. Moving that water paradise to a wall will transform the space. In the words of the Pantone Institute, the authority in the color that chose it, "is vital and effervescent" and "generates a hypnotic effect on sight and mind."

Painted paper Coral reef from the collection Voyage of Discovery, from the Sanderson firm, for sale in Gancedo (€ 108.45 / 10 m roll).

3 Positive energy

Pantone experts say on their website: “sociable and full of life, the captivating nature of Living coral promotes and encourages enjoyable activities. ” You know, if you want an atmosphere with good vibes, get a tablecloth with the color of the year - like this one, from Volga Linen - put the phone aside, get to chat and enjoy the moment.

It combines well with ...
- White,
because it is an ideal frame for the coral to look bright.
- Gray shades,
neutral, because with their serenity they qualify their energy and vibrant chromatism.
- The woods
light and dark, because they form a warm and cozy tandem.

4 Magnet Effect

There are many alternatives to the live coral tone. Tinted here, also arouses maximum visual interest with its attractive shadows.

If you thought that the color of the year was too intense or sweet for you, seeing this dining room you will have changed your mind. With contemporary design, metals, even, with an armchair with capitoné, this tone does not disappoint.

Collection painting Colors of the Colorado World, from Bruguer.

5 Festive and fresh

The motifs and the contrast of shades of this wall covering give a vibrant look to this wall and a touch of modernity. Let your waste of energy and dynamism take over space and infect you.

Coral reef
Warm, energetic, sociable and cheerful, the Living coral renew the look from any house; you just have to invite him to pass. Until now it was a tone associated with cosmetics - in lipsticks especially - but you will see that Pantone's revelation color will cause fury in decoration and fashion.

Wallpaper, from the firm MuralsWallpaper, made to measure (from € 31 / m2).

6 This coral is touched

The simplest idea to decorate your house with the color of the year is provided by textile accessories. They bring brushstrokes of the revelation tone wherever you prefer. This cushion goes one step further because to its coral tone, its organic forms are added.

Collection Design The Sea, by Lorena Canals, handmade, with natural and washable dyes; It measures 35 x 50 cm (€ 39).