Ideas to decorate the table during Christmas

Ideas to decorate the table during Christmas

While the cold rages in the street, at your home wait for a table full of exquisite sweets, sophisticated bright lights and faces of happiness. You saw the table with Christmas details.

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For unconditional Christmas lovers a spectacular proposal for the dining room: with a well-decorated table, a beautiful tree and even a false plaster hunting trophy, a rising trend. The key is to limit yourself to two ranges of color so as not to reload the set. Suomi table runner (€ 19), glass vases (from € 35), red bowl (€ 25) and reindeer head (€ 449). Everything is from Sia.

The most chic table

Black in decoration is currently synonymous with elegance and sobriety. Conjugated with glass and dark red details the result is exquisite. Tablecloths model Datcha color Vodka, from Le Jacquard Français. At 1.75 x 1.75 m (€ 119), at 1.20 x 1.20 m (€ 55) and napkins (€ 12 each).

Original and fun details

You remember the troll Lucky? Do not miss these new versions to decorate your home. You have all the information here: //

Christmas buffet

Change the chip and dare these holidays for a buffet dinner, especially if you are a lot of family. A presentation of the services can be the same or more decorative than the traditional table. This picture says everything; white and red as protagonists in its most current version. Table paths Utbytt (€ 4); large red bowl (€ 8.99); vases (from € 4.99); candlesticks Blomster (€ 14.95 / 3 units); individual Snöa Flinga (€ 0.99) and red candles Vinterfest (€ 6/3). Everything can be purchased at Ikea.

Small trees up in the dining room

Traditional Christmas fir trees adopt multiple formats this season. You like them? You can choose them as the main theme of a space with very original results. You have them in a miniature version, such as Advent calendar or decoration of utensils, tablecloths, boxes, even in the form of garlands. Everything, by Laura Ashley.

A party dinner

Dress up the table for your guests and take care of those ornaments that personalize the occasion. Place tea candles in cups or trays with water, spread sand and metallic stars on the tablecloth and make flower arrangements in glasses. Your little effort will be rewarded with phrases of love and admiration.

Decorate with a centerpiece

If it is low, it will make it easier for diners to see each other. This consists of a synthetic aloe leaf (€ 49 approx.) Decorated with sprigs of wild white and green hydrangea (from € 3 each flower). Napkin rings (€ 25 approx. / Set of 4). Pure crockery (from € 7.90). Everything is from Sia.

Sophisticated and elegant dining room

Those who get excited about traditions will enjoy a classic dinnerware in golden tones. The Golden Garden collection has a presentation plate (€ 66 each), flat (€ 36 each) and bread plate (€ 28 each). To accompany them, the cutlery She (from € 11) decorate the handle with a delicate gold finish. Cups Shell (from € 8.9 approx.). Everything from Villeroy & Boch.

Combine the dishes

If each person is different, why should the tables be the same? In this proposal of the Rice firm, the plain low-plate (€ 23.30 each) alternate in green, blue and lilac. On them contrast plain patterned plates (€ 24.50 each) and bowls. The rustic jug (€ 60.30) puts the touch of simplicity.


An unusual presentation is an excellent way to open your mouth. Especially for those shy people who have a hard time getting around dishes and glasses in search of an olive. Make it easy with a tray for incense. Prick the food in chopsticks and stick them in the holes: the snacks will be at a higher level, at hand level.