15 hotel rooms to dream about

15 hotel rooms to dream about

The bedroom is an intimate and cozy place, a very personal space that we miss when we leave. The hotels can sometimes be cold and uncomfortable, a hard pillow, a spring mattress, the absence of flowers or views ... But if, on the contrary, the place is peaceful, it makes us feel at home. Some prefer a rustic room with carpets, blankets and wood, others want one with views of the sea or the jungle, a few opt for the most romantic Parisian style and others for the more cozy Scandinavian. Some dream of waking up in Marrakech while others choose Sweden, Sri Lanka or New York.

After searching for the most beautiful and cozy Instagram bedrooms, we have found 15 hotel rooms of extraordinary charm. If you dream of feeling at home, outside of it, do not miss this wonderful selection:

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Had a much-needed cozy night of nothingness at the new @artistresidence in Oxfordshire last night. Even though I could only breathe through my mouth (damn you summer cold), the food was still some of the best we've had in ages too 🍴🌻💛

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