The best oil-free fryer you can buy today

The best oil-free fryer you can buy today

Yes, we know, we do nothing but tell you to buy, and buy, and buy ... Until two days ago we were with the sales, just spent Black Friday and now comes Cyber ​​Monday. And that Christmas has not yet arrived. But precisely for that reason and so that you do not become crazy at Christmas buying gifts at the last minute and paying much more than you should, we recommend you take advantage of some of the most interesting offers.

And buy this fryer WITHOUT OIL, the purse and health will take care of you.

The trick is that you use hot air so forget about wasting liters of oil in the old fryer. You will also hallucinate with how easy it is to clean. And if we have not yet convinced you ... This fryer was the winner in 2018 of one of the prestigious design awards, Reddot Design Award. So it will also give a chic touch to your kitchen.

Oil-free fryer COSORI € 99.99 Buy it here