22 charming reading corners

22 charming reading corners

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A mat placed on a book shelf becomes a perfect place to read under a window.

In the bedroom

This bedroom was so spacious, that its owner decided to create a reading corner with a chaise longue, a floor lamp with a flexo XL shape and a large format photograph.

The luxury of simplicity

With three simple cushions, a perfect reading area has been created by taking advantage of the arc of this window.


Keys to the success of this reading corner: A chaise longue in a serene color, a side table with metal base and a lamp with three legs and wooden top.

Classic style

Give prominence to your reading corner with a decoration icon: the chester armchair.

Butterfly effect

In this corner the textures have been mixed very correctly: the leather of the chair Butterfly, the wood of the side table and the metal of the lamp.

Full color

In this Menorca hotel, a carpet delimits the reading area with a vintage armchair upholstered in eggplant and a green metal flexo.

Wood and black

In this combination, black and wood manage to unify the pieces.

In a privileged place

In this bedroom, at the end of the spiral staircase, the armchair and footrest of the Eames invite us to relax with a good book.

Touch the fiber

A seat vintage, a bamboo pouf and a wooden floor lamp: everything you need to create (successfully) the perfect reading corner.

Dual function

In this room, under the window a bench was placed that serves, at one end, as a dining room seat and, on the other, as a nest with cushions in which to enter between the pages of a good book.

Your corner

Nothing better to read one chaise longue accompanied by a floor lamp and a Moroccan style side table. The trunk is a family memory.

With rocking chair

In a corner of this room a cozy rustic-style reading corner with rocking chair was located Grönadal, ceiling light PS Maskros and reversible jute carpet Ternslev. Everything from Ikea.

We hung up

Of this suspended shelf combined with a very comfortable chaise longue. We would spend hours reading here ...

Good contrast

The stone walls of this country house are perfectly understood with the armchair Coconut from Nelson.

Go to the light

The best place to put an armchair in which to sit and read? Without a doubt, a window through which much clarity enters. If, in addition, it has a nearby bookstore, the result is unbeatable. In the picture, armchair, Ikea, metal floor lamp, Monpas, and decorative insect, Los Peñotes.

Mix of styles

A classic French style armchair combines perfectly with this indsutrial stool that serves as a support table.

With storage

Next to this dining room, the space under the window was used to place a bench with perfect storage to sit with a good book.

Up and down

In this library we find two reading areas: a comfortable sofa with cushions and a structure with net for reading at heights.

Simple idea

If you have placed a bookcase on one of the walls of your home, close a chair with cushions or a skin that gives comfort and a low table. Sit down, take a book and get lost in its pages.

Two in one

If you choose a sofa-bed you will have a reading corner where you can immerse yourself daily and a space for your occasional visits to sleep.

To the sun

On the terrace of this floor, a chair Acapulco and a ceramic stool offer the perfect place to read taking advantage of the good weather.