The new Christmas deco will help you enjoy it better

The new Christmas deco will help you enjoy it better

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Comes the Christmas and it's time to decorate the house, buf! So, without more? Well, with that mentality, nooooo! Before opening last year's boxes or running to buy the latest, think it's a celebration. Ask yourself what feelings you want to convey. And it is that each person understands these dates in a different way.

Get into party mode.

Where to start? Decide on the style and color and then take a walk around the house to see what places you want to highlight.

A centerpiece with candles, a dried pineapple, balls, branches and a representative figure, how about a reindeer? Add LEDs and some green. A still life around a special piece: a deco detail in a glass dome, a small house with lights, a nativity scene, poinsettias ... And on the roof, garlands and ornaments like stars, balls, snowflakes, pineapples or empty boxes wrapped as if they were gifts. If you hang them with a transparent thread, you will get a decorative floating effect.

Activate your feeling Christmas with these ideas, easy and decorative:

The tree is a matter of children ... And older people who enjoy these holidays.

Turn the decoration of the Christmas tree into a desirable plan. May this year not give you laziness. Prepare a play list with Christmas songs, take pictures - share them - and a story of process.

Balls (from € 2.99) and leds, from Maisons du Monde.
The look Natural and balanced this tree is achieved with balls and figures in harmonic tones.

What Christmas symbol do you prefer? Star, Advent wreath, snowflake, bell, angel, jingle bell ...

Decorate with your favorites a place in your house that you see often, such as the entrance: it will make your day.

Estrella Farringdon (€ 25.50), doormat (€ 29) and other accessories, from Garden Trading.
The idea trendy To add style: the green touch with a long branch of ivy and a LED strip.

And suddenly, the surprise factor ...

What did we do before without LEDs? Lamps and candles were the only allies, but now these lights are key to a magical staging.

LED curtain, by Lights4fun Oliver Perrott

Use them to enhance the most ideal corners of your home. Here it was done on the stairs, with a curtain of LEDs. Its advantages: it has a six-hour timer for night lighting, eight light effects - static, flashes and fades - and is suitable for outdoor use.

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Invite and not die trying ...

If you celebrate Christmas at home, use a list of tasks to organize everything without stress.

De La Redoute Interieurs: Catalpa crockery with flat and dessert dishes (€ 64.99 and € 59.99 / 4); bowls (€ 44.99 / 4); drinks (€ 59.99 / 6); cutlery (€ 29.99 / 16 p); candlesticks (€ 22.99 each); Linen tablecloth (from € 69.99) and napkins (€ 27.99 / 4).

As for the table, it simplifies the presentation - the natural style is a trend - without neglecting the aesthetics.

Turn to white, add golden details because they bring sophistication and some black design for a look contemporary.

Now, big time!

Christmas is the perfect excuse to give free rein to excess deco. With the maximalist trend you create a powerful focus of interest wherever you want: fireplace, sideboard or window.

From El Corte Inglés: Pali vase (€ 39.95), candle holders (from € 2.95), balls (from 1.95 each) and pine branch (€ 14.95).
Very inspiring, this golden still life accompanied by red and green.

Try without tinsel.

There are special Christmas deco details that shine on their own on the tree.

Ornaments, made with recycled paper (€ 10.30 / 2) and wooden star (€ 14.30); of the firm Broste Copenhagen.
They take those who, by their tones or materials, evoke nature. Like these ornaments, made with recycled paper.