This beautiful mini house was once a garage

This beautiful mini house was once a garage

A little paint, wallpaper and well-chosen furniture ... It's all it takes to create a charming house "outside" of the house. Forget the car, the lawnmower and the bikes in the garage!

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The photographer and author best-seller of the New York Times, Gray Malin, lives with her husband and her dog, Stella, in a renovated 30s bungalow in West Hollywood. The garage for two cars used to be Gray's work studio, but now it is a flirtatious guest house and pool house, a perfect vacation spot at home.

In the pool

The vibrantly colored towels (with tassels!) Will make you feel like you are in a luxury hotel.

Chaise Lounge, € 895 approx., wayfair.com. Beach towels, € 29 approx., target.com. Umbrellas sbumbrella.com.

Photo: Nicholas Scarpinato

Colored carpets in the living room

They created a nice and cheerful corner for the living area with a colorful and fun carpet on a larger and more neutral tone.

Coffee table, € 519 approx., wayfair.com. Table lamps, € 112 approx., wayfair.com. Carpet, € 140 approx., wayfair.com. Dining chair, € 740 approx., wayfair.com. Tropical wallpaper, wayfair.com. Plate, € 263 approx., graymalin.com.

Photo: Nicholas Scarpinato

An old recycled sideboard

Relive a chest of drawers with a successful color. Not only do you gain storage space, you can also serve as a bar cabinet.

Plate, € 219 approx., graymalin.com. Jug, from € 17 approx., worldmarket.com.

Photo: Nicholas Scarpinato

Privacy in the bedroom

Use a folding screen as a temporary wall. Its natural fibers are a serene backdrop, ideal in contrast to the most vivid colors and bedroom accessories.

Screen, € 114 approx., wayfair.com. Hair cushion, € 50 approx., wayfair.com. Cushion Palm, € 107 approx., wayfair.com. Plate, € 263 approx., graymalin.com.

Photo: Nicholas Scarpinato

Overlapping frames

Malin's beach photography inspired this space. He partnered with Decorist in interior design.

Sideboard, € 442 approx., wayfair.com. Plate of the beach, € 263 approx., graymalin.com. Swimming pool sheet, € 219 approx., graymalin.com.

Photo: Nicholas Scarpinato

Gray Malin's colorful life

What inspires you? I try to capture a moment that people want to live, be it a beautiful landscape or a scene in a pool. Each series begins with an ultimate goal in mind: its walls.

Your favorite places to travel? Cape Town, South Africa, for its white sand beaches and its extensive wine region. Also Lake Michigan, which I think is the most underrated vacation spot in the US.

How do you use your new space? My husband and I love to gather friends at home and accommodate visitors. Now we have the room to house several friends and offer them more privacy.

Photo: Nicholas Scarpinato

Via: Good Housekeeping US