Your bathroom is asking for a walk-in shower, and you know it

Your bathroom is asking for a walk-in shower, and you know it

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The expected shower time arrives, you undress, you get ready to enter the plate and ... zas! An involuntary kick to the edge just left you without a foot (not literally, of course). And is that there is nothing more annoying and dangerous than falls and bumps in the shower.

That's why if you don't have enough space in your bathroom to install a bathtub, or you don't like them directly, We recommend that you opt without hesitation for a walk-in shower. In addition to win in security, you will also do it in style and functionality. We show you a few!

Advertising - Continue reading below 1 Rustic chic

Take advantage of exposed wooden beams to give the shower area rustic airs in the company of golden appliques.

2 Type meter

The subway type tiles reigning in kitchens since time immemorial, they are perfect for shower walls.

So that the set is not boring, add a mosaic floor that marks the contrast.

3 Next to the window

If you are lucky enough to have a window by the shower, take advantage of it to create the perfect underwater meditation corner and decorate the windowsill with plants.

4 In harmony

Divide the shower area from rest of the bathroom in a simple way with a screen, and enjoy the visual space!

5 Minimal

You like him minimalist style? Take it to your bathroom decorating floor and walls with the same coating Creating a cube effect

6 The triumph of dorado

In this bathroom, the floor is the real protagonist thanks to the concrete you saw the walls. To make it more sophisticated, they were added golden appliques and towels with geometric prints.

7 To the last

The marble cladding cinema left with dusty pink tones and one industrial style lamp.

8 A French touch

The skylight over the shower it fills the area with natural light, making this space a cozy place that gains style and strength thanks to the black sconces of the faucet, screen and towel rail.

9 Same effect

Do you like the effect of the skylight on the shower but you don't have a window? No problem! The recessed ceiling artificial lighting It will give you a similar effect.

10 Sweet separation

The pastel colors feel like vice to the bathrooms, and if you want separate the shower area subtly, there are no better tones to get it.