How to get the perfect bathroom

How to get the perfect bathroom

Courtesy of Gayafores

The bathrooms They have evolved to adapt to changing lifestyle and mentality. From being unattractive rooms and equipped with the basics for personal hygiene, they have become projected spaces to achieve relax Y wellness. The reforms that are undertaken now seek to integrate into the available meters that wellness air of a spa. In their favor they have news in all the elements that form it: sanitary ware, faucets, screens, coverings, furniture, lighting ... To keep up to date, it is best to consult experts who know which trends succeed to achieve a current bathroom whose use is a pleasure.

The designer Carmen Barasona points out that to turn the bathroom into a space of relaxation "just choose the faucets well, especially in the shower; there the great sprinklers with hydrotherapy have become the star products"The marketing manager of Tres Grifería coincides with her, who also proposes" large-scale, and, above all, eco-efficient large-format recessed roof sprinklers. "

As for the coatings, Eva Pedrajas, responsible for communication at Ascer, points out that the ceramics sector "is constantly evolving to optimize the qualities of the material and innovate with new designs. Large formats, geometric games and new textures are coming."

The furniture options have multiplied to personalize the space, with infinite variants and measures to offer a design solution for each type of bathroom. Sink, the Mirrors backlit each day earn more points.

A challenge for a reform, right? Although you will enjoy the effort ...

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Get an aesthetic wellness With a staging that captivates you. The most current ceramics can turn the walls into a hypnotic canvas for its beauty and promote that relaxing atmosphere offered by the spa, without leaving home! Series Porcelain Southern, Gayafores signature, with mix of geometric patterns.


Attention to color trend in bathrooms. You will see it in taps, screens, furniture, coverings ... especially contrasted with white and wood. Essential in bathrooms with industrial look and also in spaces of Nordic and contemporary inspiration. Piece of furniture Aegean with sink Capsule (€ 529), mirror Kende (€ 89), shower tray Mila (€ 239) and coatings; Everything from Leroy Merlin.


If there is space available, why wait for a shift ?, so go ahead with two sinks! Time is money early in the morning, one brushes his teeth, another shaves and ... minutes to be earned. In this proposal of Schmidt, of Nordic air, the distribution of the drawers helps to maintain order. Piece of furniture Strass Eolis, in Everest color.


Smart yes. An innovative personal hygiene technology, in addition to a refined design, define the toilet In-wash de Roca, which incorporates a washing and drying system of the latest generation. Easy to integrate in bathrooms of different styles, this toilet with bidet function also saves space.


A material like synthesized stone Neolith® Large format, minimizes the joints and creates a visual continuity with multiple applications in bathrooms and interior design. Resistant and hygienic, this is done with trend finishes, such as those inspired by natural and industrial elements: wood, metals, fabrics and marbles. Model Calacatta 01 Silk, 6 mm thick, from the collection Classtone, of Neolith.


The showers evolve into relaxing spaces and influence the design of the screens. José Luis Moldes, marketing director of Duscholux, confirms as a trend 2019 the customized screen: "the customer can configure it according to their needs and preferences". One of his releases: the model Duscho Basic Deco, allows "the personalization of glass with an industrial style or with a customer design" (from € 575).


You can start with a backlit mirror, because of its low consumption and because its luminous flux is emitted from the entire perimeter and creates a relaxing environment. Wardrobe with mirror Count, in 1.20 x 0.17 x 0.70 m (€ 659) and furniture with sink (€ 1,095), by Leroy Merlin.


The sink acquires a more attractive image, if you choose a faucet that adds style to the circular, oval, rectangular or bowl-like shape, among others, of the bucket. Purified designs of curved or straight lines, in various sizes, you will not be missing, but given so much variety, take your time to decide; yes, always choose quality because its use is constant. De Tres Taps, model of the collection Project-Three (from € 97.89).


Freedom of shapes, from sinuous curves to organic and rectilinear pieces, materials without visible joints offer multiple aesthetic and decorative possibilities. In the picture, the new countertop basins Marie by Silestone®, which stand out for their rounded vertices and taut finish, that enhance their attractive design to the touch and sight; They have measures of 51 x 37 x 10 cm.


Changing it for a shower is one of the most common reforms. Reasons to do so: security, comfort, quick execution in 2-3 days and greater visual amplitude. Plate Helios, extra-flat and non-slip (from € 371) and taps Lanta with kit shower Sensum Round, de Roca (from € 341).


Having a piece of furniture that combines these two forms of storage gives a good result, as the project shows, of the Room R studio. Towels and one or more multi-purpose baskets take advantage of the siphon hole, and the rest of the toiletries are stored in a maxi drawer.


Without countertop, only with an overflow for the essentials, this sink integrated in a metal structure looks better its design. As storage areas, the lower shelf and a shelf with mirror. Series washbasin furniture Outline, in 67 x 45 x 77 cm (€ 439 each) and tap Levity (€ 89.95), by Leroy Merlin.


Warehouse options for the bathroom there are many and in different sizes. Think about what kind of items you are looking for a solution and, when you find it, measure the space to make sure it fits. Furniture (€ 219), tap (€ 69), mirrored wardrobe (€ 249) and bookcase (€ 49.99), from Ikea.


Suspended furniture gives a very light air to the bathroom and also facilitates cleaning. The spa effect in Roca's proposal is achieved with its collection Beyond of pure lines, and the eucalyptus green wall; furniture (from € 1,310) and sink (from € 404).


It is actually the button of a built-in cistern. The model 50 sigma, from Geberit, you can customize it with the image you want. Its double discharge is not an ornament: use it well to save liters and liters of water!


The technology reaches the bathroom, you just have to know the news of the sector, such as the screen installed on this wall that is the intelligent system Dre @ ms, from Grindoías Galindo, to enjoy water efficiently. In the words of Almudena Galindo, of the marketing department, the technology "allows to have a control of consumptions that optimizes the energetic and economic saving, and to enjoy the uses of water in a personalized way by means of interactive programs".