A house with free space

A house with free space

Before finding this house, its owners lived in the center of Madrid. However, the rhythm of life that their children had, with exits to the park always in the company of an adult and without the possibility of moving freely, led them to consider moving away from the urban bustle.

The house, in a quiet urbanization and with a pleasant terrace, It was perfect for children to play outdoors without taking any risks. Still, the state of the house required a renovation to update it. Jorge Quintans was responsible for carrying it out, with the collaboration of the owner of the house. The old doors were changed to modern designs, the cabinets were renovated and the floor, dated, was replaced by a warm wooden floor. In addition, the owner planned a cheerful decoration, with open spaces and touches in intense colors that visually reflected the vitality of the family.

The distribution was also adapted to family needs. On the ground floor the kitchen with a practical dining room, a toilet and the living room. The terrace is accessed through an original enclosure with double glazed leaf and skylights in the shape of a semicircular arch. The first floor gathered the four bedrooms -the main suite type, with private bathroom incorporated- and a second common bathroom for the three kids in the house.

Finally, the owner granted the complements and details a fundamental role in the decoration. Sculptures, wire figures and paintings highlight the personal tastes of homeowners. The house thus becomes a faithful reflection of a style of family life with personality, which distills character.

Advertising - Keep reading below A bright living room with splashes of color

The light tones in sofa, bookcase and walls allow the pieces in color to stand out: the green inherited armchair, the rug with its zigzag design and the saffron, red and sand cushions, give volume and dynamism to the living area.

Bookstores, by Ikea. Carpet, from Berberia. Tables: white, from Batavia, and in wood, from Zara Home. Cage, from Sur Le Fil. Spiral sculpture, by Patricia Losada. The stool is from La Europea, and the lamp, from Habitat.

Garden doors

What is the first thing you have looked at in this image? The double glazed sheet and the terrace become decorative elements. Interior and exterior merge through crystals and color: the saffron tone of the lounge cushions and the outdoor tablecloth creates a subtle conductive thread that unifies the two environments.

In the dining area: table, Habitat; chairs and shawl, from the East; The bookstore is a design of the owner by Brico Almacén Las Rozas.

Continuity with the terrace

Look at the table: its color is white, just like the enclosure that separates the living room from the terrace. If you want to enhance the continuity between the interior and the exterior, the table to match the carpentry is a success. Mesa by Ikea.

Outdoor furniture

For years, the usual thing was to decorate the terrace with designs of wood, fibers or plastic. Now, however, the iron chairs, skated and in a worn finish, return; How are you, from Eastwest.

The summer comedy

On the terrace, the utensils in different materials - glass, bamboo and melamine - are unified with different shades in the ranges of blue and red.
The finish of the pieces, whether smooth, carved or printed, stands out on the tablecloth, in an intense saffron color.

Tablecloth made with a Coordonné fabric. Bajoplatos, from the East. Bowls and cups, from Zara Home. Dishes, of Habitat.

A well decorated hall

The hall is a small preview of the decoration that we will see in the rest of the house: colorful carpets, furniture with storage space, abundant natural light and sculptures that add character to the house.

Carpet, from Berberia. Chair, Vintage 4P. Furniture, from Ikea. About him, sculpture, by Patricia Losada. The red lamp is from La Europea.

Around the fireplace

The room turned to the fire. Above him, an original portrait of Marilyn Monroe stands out. The coffee tables, light, move easily next to the armchair or sofa as auxiliary designs.

Picture, work of Carlos Arriaga. Beside it, the decorative letter is from Vintage 4P. Cushions: plain, from Coordonné and prints, from Ñocoboc.

Dining room with depth

The trick to achieve it is simple: just place low furniture, which does not disrupt the visual perspective. And if you have tall pieces? Easy: stick them to the walls and keep the center clear.

Kitchen with office

A peninsula separates the cooking zone from the daily dining room. Ivory-colored furniture and tiles contrast with the countertop in a tone that evokes coffee beans. The red painted wall delimits and gives entity to the office area.

Countertop, from Silestone. White table and chairs, from Ikea; The red chair is from Vintage 4P. Table runner and deer, from the East. Lamp, by Habitat. Wall Lamp, from Sur Le Fil. The carpet is from Berberia.

A carpet in the kitchen?

Of course, why not? In addition to better delimiting the office area, you will raise its decorative level. The fundamental thing is to choose a design that is washable. Reversible models will allow you to renew the decoration just by turning the carpet.

A different note

Say goodbye to place identical chairs in the office. The latest in decoration is to alternate designs and colors around the table. The objective? Get a dynamic dining room with more decorative strength.

The closets

It is important to unify the carpentry - doors, windows and closet fronts - with the same finish. For rooms in color, white is a safe bet. Portrait, by Maruka Fuster.

Energy dose in the children's room

The children's bedroom, decorated in lime and blue, stimulates the vitality of its small owner. The original creations with wire stand out on the wall.

Wire pieces, from Sur Le Fil. Garland, from Under the Tree. Cama, from Alejandra's Site. Green bedspread and cushions, from Coordonné. Plaid, from Zara Home. Ikea bookcase and lamp.

Warmth in the bedroom

The predominance of wood in the headboard and the tables achieves a cozy atmosphere. The armchair, stool and dresser at the foot of the bed enhance the feeling of intimacy.

A reading corner in the bedroom

Chest of drawers and armchair, from Ikea. Printed cushion, from Ñocoboc. Stool, Vintage 4P. The crocodile is from the East. Headboard, from Ikea. Bedside tables and lamps, by Habitat. Quilt made with Ñocoboc fabric. Plain cushions and quilt, from Zara Home. The carpets are from Berberia.

A functional bathroom

The custom-made washbasin cabinet offers a large storage capacity, basic in a family with children. Despite being bulky, being white does not recharge the environment.

Red countertop, from Silestone. Label Love, from the West. Orange vase, from Berberia. The sculpture is by Patricia Losada. Towels, from Zara Home. Tiles and floor, Porcelanosa. The carpet was bought on a trip to Portugal.

Distribution plans and ideas


- White predominates in the bathroom, a color that transmits cleanliness but which, if used alone, can be cold. In this case, the black floor and the countertop in a bright red tone break the chromatic uniformity and delimit two horizontal planes. The details, like the label Sees it made with red tiles, the vase with flowers or the sculpture, add more warmth to the environment.

- White tiles are not uniform. The wall next to the sink and that of the shower - which is reflected in the mirror - have a delicate relief in the form of circles. Its texture achieves a dynamic space.