Reduce the water bill and take care of your surroundings

Reduce the water bill and take care of your surroundings

Write down these simple and practical tips to reduce the water consumption bill, while contributing to a more sustainable use of natural resources. You sign up?

According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), each Spanish spends more than 130 liters of water per day.

In a bathroom they consume between 150 and 250 liters, in emptying the tank, about 8 liters, in washing the dishes in the dishwasher 40 liters ..., and if you continue adding, the bills will come out or you will surpass it.

Be aware of the water used It is the first step to reduce the water bill.

Outside, think green

Para water the plants, The best thing is an automatic drip irrigation system because the water is filtered directly on the ground and there is no water loss. You will consume between 30 and 50% less than with other more traditional irrigation methods. The best hours for watering are first thing in the morning and at night, since the soil is colder and you will avoid evaporation.


Choose native plants, they resist drought better and are prepared to survive better with natural aquatic resources. Exotic plants, on the other hand, need, in addition to more water, more care and much dedication.

Cover the pool with floating covers in the periods in which it is not used, it can mean reducing liquid losses by natural evaporation up to 70%. In a short time, the cost of your purchase and installation will be profitable. Cheer up!

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In the bathroom, turn off the tap

Take a shower instead of bathe you, you will save more than 4 euros per month. Collect the water while you wait for it to warm up and use it later to water the plants or clean the house.

"each Spaniard spends more than 130 liters"

You will also reduce costs if while you brush your teeth you turn off the faucet, not using the toilet as a wastebasket, installing double discharge tanks or putting in the aerators and diffusers.

Efficient appliances

Choose efficient appliances in your kitchen, that is, those with the A + label or higher, you will save on energy and water consumption.


Use the washing machine and dishwasher to Full load. If you do not have a dishwasher and wash by hand, keep the tap open only while rinsing, you will save about 115 liters in each wash. Watch the faucets badly closed or leaking, you could lose 90 l / day.

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