16 original recipes with red wine

16 original recipes with red wine

Advertising - Keep reading below Red wine spaghetti with Parmesan

Pairing a glass of wine with a pasta dish is an ideal combination, but actually cooking the pasta in the wine ... That's a delight of a higher level.
Recipe in Eat Well 101.

Melted Cheese and Red Wine Sandwich

There is no more iconic pairing than wine and cheese. So this delicious proposal with the basic recipe of melted cheese is absolutely delicious.

Recipe in BS 'in the Kitchen.

Red Wine Butter

Beyond the fact that this delicious butter, with its purple-pink hue, is a work of art, it can be used for the preparation of many dishes. Try the "melted" wine on a roast and it will change your life.

Recipe in Sprinkles and Sprouts.

Chocolate cake with red wine and blueberries

A cake with the layers of sponge cake soaked in wine and covered with sugary blueberries will impress any guest.

Recipe in Creative Culinary.

Red wine and strawberry ice cream

Who says the poles are only for children? Prepare these fancy ice cream with roasted strawberries and the sweet red wine you prefer. You just have to keep them on the high shelf of the freezer, out of the reach of children.

Recipe at Pastry Affair.

Red wine donuts

These Italian-style "donuts", fast and delicious, can be made with any type of wine, which means you can customize the taste to your liking.

Recipe in Honest Cooking.

Wine jelly beans

For another children's classic made for adults, make your own wine jelly beans. This recipe admits any type of wine - red, white or rosé - but those of red wine are the ones that are most successful.

Recipe in Cooking With Janica.

Cheesecake with red wine jelly

Cheesecake alone is a classic winner, but covered with a jelly of red wine will triumph for sure. A pleasure for the eyes and the stomach.

Shinee's Sweet and Savory Recipe.

Dark chocolate and red wine brownies

Red wine and dark chocolate always combine well. Improve your basic brownies recipe with a red wine.

Recipe in The Domestic Rebel.

Red Wine Smoothies

From the outset, it can be rare to mix milk and red wine, but if you open your mind a little, you can achieve a sweet result with the daily dose of antioxidants, at the same time. This recipe also admits cream with vodka to give it an extra touch.

Recipe in Lucky Peach.

Red wine brownies with blueberries

These brownies Red wine with a good handful of cranberries soaked in wine above are a real treat.

Recipe in A Cookie Named Desire.

Red wine ice cream

Homemade ice cream is a luxury. Homemade red wine ice cream is a deli.

Recipe in Cooking With Janica.

Blueberry and red wine popsicles

A cheesecake, delicious. A cabernet, too. Cranberries, a very tasty fruit, alone. Mix all three, and you will have a heavenly dessert.

Recipe in Endless Simmer.

Chocolate and red wine cupcakes

You will succeed with these cupcakes of chocolate. Adding red wine will only make them richer.

Recipe in Jennifer Meyering.

Clouds of red wine with chocolate ganache

Enjoy the sugary delight of a homemade marshmallow, with a red wine and a cup of dark chocolate to accompany it.

Recipe in the kitchen of Pike Place.

Hot chocolate with red wine

Red wine and hot chocolate here together were meant to be enjoyed. Take a cup (or two) in front of the fireplace to fight the winter cold wave.

Recipe in Imma Eat That.

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