An old renovated apartment full of modern ideas

An old renovated apartment full of modern ideas

Nuria Serrano

Cozy and warm already from the door, this Madrid housing can boast a reform raised with style and a lot of head. An arduous work of which 92 m² were taken advantage of and decorated by its owner, Libertad Díaz, interior designer at Ikea. A wise hand that is perceived both in the renewed distribution and in the choice of materials. Today the house receives us from a large common room that encompasses kitchen, dining room and living area, chosen for it for its intense natural light. An open space, designed to enjoy Big time with family and friends.

In fact, it is the materials themselves that define the function of each zone within the common space; So the soil combines and fits perfectly hydraulic tile with natural wood, like the white and smooth wall except in the kitchen, painted in anthracite, and one of the walls that adjoin the dining room, of recovered brick. At a glance it is clear
the eclectic taste of Libertad, the mix of modern finishes with old and the inclusion of antiquarian pieces. After the works, the bedroom moved to the interior of the house, with windows that overlook a patio. Empowering light and achieving more clear environments became a necessary priority with the new distribution.

The interior design of the rest area is now based on always very light colors: white, tan and cream tones, which make up bright and comfortable spaces. The bathroom, also with a predominance of white, includes very special retro air details.

Realization: Reyes Pérez

Advertising - Keep reading below A large bright living room

The beauty of the original structure and its mix of materials energizes the decoration of the room and gives each piece its own personality. The result is a comfortable and full of life environment, which invites you to relax alone or in good company.

Let yourself be seduced by the striking cushions

Whether they look multi-colored prints As if they are plain models, they will become the soul of the living area. Here these cushions on the white sofa are the center of attention.

Details with color

The predominate plain upholstery in basic colors to dress the seating in the living area. A choice that welcomes multicolored cushions and striking prints as a decorative resource.

Perfect fusion

The union of the kitchen with the dining room and the living area enhances common life and informal meetings with friends. It is the bar itself, which houses the hob, The main connecting element next to the blown countertop, which is used as a breakfast bar.

The dinner room

When they summon informal meetings, With long gatherings around a glass, you should bet on a casual and comfortable style. A continuous game of styles and successful mixes brings every corner of the house to life. A solid wooden table and disparate chairs are an excellent proposal with a nice and simple kitchenware.

Quality windows

In addition to betting on enclosures Beautiful, it is essential that they offer perfect insulation, both thermal and acoustic, especially if it is a central floor, as in this case.

Fill the balcony with flowers and plants! Nuria Serrano

Although you have little space between the door and the railing, do not hesitate, and decorate it with care; the vegetation It also cools and beautifies inside doors.

Cooking zone

He work space It is quite spacious and functional, equipped with drawers and large capacity drawers in the lower area.

To integrate you better ...

In the case of shared spaces It is important to contemplate the kitchen as part of the living area, with decorative details that help clear barriers. A few shelves will be perfect support for this.

And to cook ...

The installation of hydraulic tile as a kitchen floor, it marks the limit with the dining room.

Mix with head

The passion for eclecticism It is clear in the dining area, which integrates very modern elements in the same space, with antique stools and an antique cupboard, from a family heritage and recovered by the owner.

A receiver with a message

A warm welcome plastered on the wall receives us as soon as we cross the threshold of this house. It is a dose of positive energy that, after the reform, has become a declaration of intent.

All for the rest Nuria Serrano

He bedroom It was painted, dressed and decorated with the warmest and lightest tones of the palette. The objective was to achieve an environment that enhances natural light while providing a sense of calm. Some chic details decorate the walls with fun proposals.


Warehouse space

Having storage areas without overwhelming the space was possible by opting for a closet body without doors, as a dressing room, which was completed with a flirt Chest of drawers In white and yellow.

A special bathroom

The use of space and suggestive rustic details shape the bathroom, lined with blue hydraulic tiles. He flown basin and with integrated shelf complete with success this environment.


Give your bathroom a fresh air and bet on the mix of styles To enrich your decoration. The hydraulic tiles in blue tones coexist in this space with a functional shower cabin and details country.

Plan and keys of the reform Hearst Infographic

The fusion of common areas in the same open space it was successfully resolved thanks to the choice of materials: wood for dining room and living room, and hydraulic tile for the kitchen. In addition, the location of the dining room is better defined thanks to the brick wall recovered.

The open kitchen approach define part of the project; The choice of white cabinets and only low cabinets made a better integration possible. The free front was covered with white tiles as a base and anthracite paint until
The roof with blown wooden shelves.