Big ideas to take advantage of a small bathroom

Big ideas to take advantage of a small bathroom

Before beginning the reform of your bathroom, consider these aspects to take advantage of the small bathroom meters and turn it into a spa Luxury in a few meters:

1.- Change the bathtub For a shower tray.

2.- Use clear or soft coatings. Avoid strong colors to not overwhelm. You can only allow licenses if the bathroom has natural light. Extending the floor material on the walls also works. That unit visually expands.

3.- To give dynamism, mix textures and brings color in accessories and textiles. Some contrast in the coatings in terms of textures - for example ceramic in relief - achieves a dynamic sensation.

4.- Do not think only of the color white. There are neutrals, moles, cake, earth ... a wood imitation floor in a natural tone is perfect for heating an environment that often feels cold.

5.- The furniture of the basin flown It is lighter and clears the ground. You can also place a decorative washbasin with a visible drain or an over-top model with shelves underneath or boxes and baskets. Avoid the standing sink.

6.- Think if you need to keep the bidet. You gain space to give it to the shower or to place a wider washbasin front. Also to place a warehouse furniture. Note that the original location of the toilet must not be modified due to the connection to the drain. There is no problem in moving the pipes in the case of faucets.

7.- The same happens with the door, the sliding models grant meters to the plant. The bathroom looks more.

8.- Create points of visual interest on the wall with a strip of another type of covering or with the wall of the shower area in another color.