A fun and cheerful bedroom for two brothers

A fun and cheerful bedroom for two brothers


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Similar, but not equal. Two different models of wallpaper were chosen to differentiate the rest space of each brother: a vertical stripe design with a vinyl detail of a bike, for the elderly, and another of animals for the child. The same gray tone serves as a connection. Wallpaper and wall decoration, by Piccolo Mondo.

sleep at an angle
The beds were placed in an L-shape and at a different height to give the children more privacy. The lower area of ​​one of them has storage space, while the other has a trundle bed, in case a friend comes.


A generous modular composition occupies an entire side. It consists of cabinets, drawers and shelves for storage, and a central slate. Shelving, from the collection Colonial.

Metal coat rack

A metal coat rack was placed on the wall. Under him, Mom's rocking chair now serves as a reading corner next to a side table and a lamp. Everything by Piccolo Mondo.

In wood and metal

It is perfect for the desk or bedside table. Lamp Lida, from La Redoute Interieurs (€ 79.99).

Mustard Tone Cushion

It is trend. Mustard stomps this season. Lozagne cotton printed cushion, from La Redoute Interieurs (€ 14.99).

With L-shaped beds and reading corner

The Piccolo Mondo firm, in charge of the project, divided this room into three zones and
He decorated it with furniture from the Colonial collection, which allows multiple combinations.

At the entrance a small space for reading was created, very basic, with a rocking chair, an auxiliary table that also serves as extra storage and a table lamp.

2. STORAGE. When the room is shared by two children, the clothes, toys and books are duplicated. The solution to keep everything well organized came from the hand of a bookcase that occupies almost the entire wall.

3. REST AREA. Instead of opting for bunk beds, it was decided to place two 90 cm beds at an angle. A central area was left on the cleared ground which, covered with a carpet, is ideal for games. We like the idea of ​​putting the beds at two heights to preserve the privacy of each child.