Autumn in the garden

Autumn in the garden

A new change of season arrives with its new blooms and plantings of this era.

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If you invested in a drip irrigation to take care of your plants during the holidays, take full advantage of the rest of the year and save on the consumption of irrigation water. The Gardena firm proposes its system Micro drip with 15 m of supply tube and the possibility of expanding it thanks to its connection Quick & Easy, which allows joining or separating all components. But if you want to forget about watering completely, you can add an automatic control programmer.

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The best of greenhouses

The first favorable point to have a greenhouse in the home garden is to create our own microclimate. Thus the crops cease to depend on the aggressive winter weather and can maintain the optimum temperature and humidity conditions for the plants.

Another advantage to consider it is the profitability of natural light; The covers of the greenhouses allow to change the direction of the solar rays, with what we get that it is distributed evenly throughout the crop.

In addition, when growing in a greenhouse There is the possibility of obtaining two crops instead of an annual one, since by controlling the environmental conditions, we will be able to advance the planting and reduce the development time of the plant.


La Diefembaquia, a beautiful and resistant plant

One of the most popular houseplants is Diefembaquia - its scientific name is Dieffenbachia maculata- for the minimum care required for its maintenance, whether it is grown indoors or outdoors, provided that it is a mild climate zone.
As for your care, you need good lighting but it does not tolerate direct sunlight on its leaves since they could turn yellow or brown. Irrigation should be frequent during the summer, with water spray on the leaves included, and more spacing in the winter avoiding the flooding.

Life on the terrace

The end of the summer does not imply giving up our outdoor parcelita at home. Learn to take advantage of your terrace to enjoy it also on sunny days that the new season will give us. The best option is to bet on plants that look leafy also in autumn, as proposed by Baom Landscaping.


Do you like horticulture?

Learn and discover countless tricks and good advice on agriculture with this book. A basic guide for all those who set out to create their garden for the first time. (€ 21.50 approx.).

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Post summer plant care

In our absence, the lack of light may have reduced the photosynthetic activity of our plants, leaving their leaves withered and discolored. With Vitavid, of Flower, they will recover their freshness.

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