A multifunctional loft on the shores of the Mediterranean

A multifunctional loft on the shores of the Mediterranean

On the shores of the Mediterranean, in the trendy fishing district of the city of Santa Catalina -en Palma de Mallorca- this loft is found in the purest New York style: diaphanous, with steel girders, high ceilings and exquisite care in every detail. Its original layout included a long corridor and tiny rooms. The architect Christine Leja, from the office of design, architecture, concept and project managment Bconnected, did not have it easy, but as soon as the renovation began she discovered an old sailboat mast and a 5.2 m high roof between the rubble . And he knew what to do loft, it was already possible.

Demolishing the original home was the starting point of the architect, who undertook this project as complex as a personal challenge. His client, sophisticated and demanding, resided in Hong Kong and hoped to move to the Balearic Island to find a multifunctional house, where to live and work at the same time. So it was. Between rubble appeared what would later be the central point of the loft, an old mast of a sailing ship. When Christine Leja discovered, in addition, the original height of the ceilings, hidden until the works began, she found 160 m2 to plan the new home. After removing forty-four tons of rubble, the house was redistributed. The environments succeeded each other, and living room, dining room and kitchen now share the same space. In addition, the exceptional height, previously wasted after false ceilings that gave a suffocating sensation, was profitable to locate one of the bedrooms in a structure open to the living room that is accessed by a staircase. But the most interesting thing is that the concept of the loft has been maintained over time and today, five years after that comprehensive reform, the house already has a new owner.

Now a family occupies it, whose lifestyle is different from the first owner who commissioned the reform. However, new tenants have perfectly adapted to this concept of a different home. The conclusion? The architect Christine Leja can ensure that she has overcome that professional challenge.

Salon tips:

The new loft enjoys abundant natural lighting thanks to the light that enters through the living area - the widest atmosphere of the house -, which was located next to the windows.
The carpentry was chosen from gray painted wood. Combined with the steel pillars, give an air
Industrial to housing.
The wood of the coffee table combines perfectly with the White color that predominates in the lounge. Even the gray window profiles fit the environment.

Advertising - Continue reading below Mezzanine on steel structure

When recovering the original ceiling height, with more than 5 m, real and visual amplitude was gained. The new dimensions allowed to make a loft on a steel structure of 5.5 tons.
Stools from Schwung Home and kitchenware, from the Bloomingville firm, purchased at Bconnected, where the kitchen cabinets were also custom-made. Appliances, from Siemens and Elica. Taps, by Zucchetti.

Circular table

The sofa cushions with different patterns, the diversity of decorative objects and the variety of colors give a very personal touch to the room, which is fully illuminated by dispensing with curtains. The circular table, made to measure, is Bconnected, like the old carpet and the pink armchairs, recovered. The floor lamp is from Hay.

Ceramic deer

The room takes on a special role within the lotf, an open space in which the environments follow each other. In it, each element, even the smallest ones, is important. The three white ceramic deer are from Bconnected.

Upholstered armchairs in pink

Successful combination The pieces vintage, like the seats upholstered in pink, give color to an area
in which white predominates, both in
The sofas like walls and ceilings. White sofas and armchairs Ghostfrom Gervasoni. Cushions, from Maison de Vacances, purchased from Organic Studio. Coffee table, bought in Belgium. Wool blanket, for sale in Teixidors.

Functional and modern kitchen

The kitchen, functional and modern, maintains the white color and wood that predominate in the living room. An excellent solution to integrate both environments in the same floor, diaphanous.

Natural oak floor

The natural oak flooring is primarily responsible for the cozy atmosphere that is breathed in the house. It is joined by the warm colors that predominate in the paintings and other accessories. Chairs Plastic side chairby Charles & Ray Eames. The dining table is from Bconnected.

Exceptionally high ceilings

One of the main characteristics of the loft is the exceptionally high roof, which is supported on the old mast of a sailboat that was discovered during the renovation. It soon became the hub of all subsequent decorative ideas.
Antique wooden candlesticks, from Bconnected.

Red cushions

Circular dining table A touch of color are the red cushions of the white chairs.

Blue Plaid and Cushions

The height of the house allowed to organize a bedroom in the attic. It is accessed through some steel stairs. The area is delimited with a structure identical to the varnish. Plaid blue and cushions, from Maison de Vacances purchased from Organic Studio. The carpet is from Bloomingville and the dresser recovered is from Bconnected.

Capitoné upholstered pouf

The distribution of the bedroom allowed to place the rest area in the setback. The proximity
from the walls it enhances the feeling of intimacy, but it is enough to look away towards the rest of the space to check the spaciousness of the room, multiplied by natural light and the mirror on the floor. From Bconnected: linen bedding, pouf with capitoné upholstery and copper flexo. Blanket, from Hay. Cushions, by Maison de Vacances.

Old carpet

Antique carpet, acquired in Bconnected. Boxes, from Bloomingville. In the bathroom: stool, also from Bloomingville; towels and wicker basket, from Zara Home.

Wooden bathroom

White and wood. Its combination is a constant of the loft in all rooms, also in the bedrooms - which were redistributed to gain ample spaces - and in the bathrooms.

Low level

Distribution plan of the ground floor.

First floor

Distribution plan of the first floor.