The haunted house: celebrate Halloween in style

The haunted house: celebrate Halloween in style


- Bottles in disguise. Make small witch hats, with black cardboard, and stick them to the caps. And in one of the glasses, place several mini broom sticks, they are made with cut raffia and tied with black thread to skewer sticks.

- Family photographs. Make a photo montage of a family inn to turn it into a Gothic postcard. Place the image in a frame, in a very visible place, for your guests to see. Try, for example, with Y

- Painted pumpkins. an alternative to his carving, which is very decorative. Instead of eyes and a mocking expression, show your creativity with more modern motifs: geometric, ethnic, initials, messages ... or cover half with paint or glitter. The handyman can make on his surface the drawings of the beautiful and colorful sugar skulls of Mexico; Look for them on the Internet if you don't know them.

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The base: wraps a ring of styrofoam with burlap cloth. Fix it with glue.
- The eyes: cut two equal circles of sisal doormat, glue its raffia edges and inside each eye, fix a bottle sheet with hot silicone and fill them with pumpkin seeds.
- The wings: cut two teardrop-shaped pieces of the doormat.
- The beak: cut a small burlap triangle.
- Assemble: glue the beak to the base, then the eyes and wings with hot silicone and you can now hang your owl crown from the door!

A whole symbol

Alone or in a group ... the pumpkin is a
must have on Halloween that adds to its decoration its famous orange color, a terrifying or mocking expression and a dark light. Sculpting pumpkins is simple: it is usual to cut the top as a lid, extract the pulp to leave it hollow and carve the surface. Then, introduce a candle or a more secure LED bulb to produce a chilling light effect. In houses with children, bet on funny expressions, like the ones in the picture. To carve them effortlessly, get a specific toolkit on Ebay or Amazon.
And to guarantee you success, discover the tricks
DIY Pumpkin Carving, at

A monstrous head

Empty the inside of a pumpkin and carve in it the eyes and mouth. Cut the ends of two zucchini and insert them into each eye hole. With the pumpkin pulp, make the teeth and fix them with chopsticks. Use a permanent marker to draw an expression of terror on the apple and place it in your mouth.


Use the color black if you need to improvise a dark corner to celebrate this dark night. It is infallible to evoke terror, and at the same time, it is super elegant. Bet on the less is more - sometimes, multiple details can saturate - and invent your ornaments. These bats are made with old catalogs, spray painted, and fixed with long nails.

Moose antlers made with adhesive tape

On the clean pumpkin, draw a simple drawing with a marker; for example, a deer head with its antlers. Cut strips of masking tape or washi tape in silver gray. Paste them along the line.

Someone watches you ...

As in scary movies, there is always someone hidden who stalks the victim. Recreate that intrigue scene on your Halloween with some eyes, but in a humorous way. With spheres of white cork or porexpan, for sale in craft stores, and black felt, these bulging eyes have been made. Complete this look Scary and friendly several pumpkins, totally harmless.

In urban flats, it is also possible to give a more sinister air to the entrance area. An alternative to the pots are the origami figures, glued with double-sided tape. Search for 3D printables,
free download on the Internet. You can also decorate the windows, from the inside.

Carve a terrifying jar!

Make holes in the pumpkin and extract the pulp and seeds. Place transfer paper on it and on top, the drawing of the mythical jar Boo. Trace the silhouette with pencil and remove the paper. Insert some light bulbs through the holes, like fireflies. You will create an atmosphere of mystery.

Vinyl here and there

Show your bravery in the most terrifying night, facing a real little animal, which scares more than monsters. Distribute these cardboard rats with glitter - the coolest version inspired by the originals - between the shelves and copies of a bookshop. It will seem that they have invaded it by the effect of movement that produces seeing them in different positions. Set of nine silhouettes, for sale at Fiesta Air.

All over
Skulls, witches, spiders, bats, zombies and various monsters on walls, furniture and windows are perfect to become a focal point of decoration. Imagine these rodents climbing a ladder or roaming through
the kitchen ... Wow!

More scary ideas

Spiders, magic eyes, brooms, bats ... Everything goes to turn your house into an enchanted place. Do you want to fill it with ghosts? Cover one or several lounge chairs with a white sheet. Cut out eyes and a black felt mouth and fix them with glue on the sheet on the back. And now ... sit down if you dare!

Yes, to creativity

Spectacular staging around this fountain for Halloween sweets and candies. Surprise everyone with a terrifying and stylish composition. The hands are protagonists for their realism; they are made with kit molds Mold-it, of the Skullduggery brand. Next to it, several candlesticks of different height act as pedestals of disturbing balls. They are spheres, which can be opened and bought in craft stores, inside which there are drawings, of, with free download; they are printed on vellum paper, and cut to fit the ball. As simple as that!


With these balls you can compose a centerpiece. They are also very decorative hanging from the ceiling with transparent thread. Others, smaller, give a lot of play as a bookmark, just by adding the names; or inside muffin capsules, in a dessert tray ...

A new friend

In haunted houses, where witches and the most sinister characters live, there are always black birds ... Celebrate Halloween with a crow perched on a vintage book or some dry branches. Create a composition with black decorative accessories and add brushstrokes of color in some deco piece, such as candle holders and crystal chandeliers. They will be a perfect collage to highlight a handmade garland with letters written with glitter; It can be a chilling message or a Happy Halloween. Crows and other gloomy details, for sale in Funidelia.