Tips and tricks to make tasty homemade ice cream

Tips and tricks to make tasty homemade ice cream

Summer is associated with one of the foods that children and adults like best: the icecream. Here you have the best tricks to make it healthy and with a refreshing taste.

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Secrets to make homemade ice cream

Balls, polo shirts, sorbets… in summer they become the most appetizing creations to have for dessert, in the middle of the afternoon or before bedtime. Its variety of flavors and freshness,
they make the smallest of the house, but also the elders, melt with pleasure. If you are going to elaborate it yourself, you have to take into account a number of issues.

Good base Ice cream is a mixture of ingredients: a butter cream made with a liquid base with milk, cream, juices, water and sugars. For sorbets, slushies and ice lollies, the elaboration is simpler, just freeze smoothies or juices,
sugar and water In both cases, it is advisable to use natural and, if possible, organic products.

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Creaminess It depends on the water crystals formed on freezing being so small that our palate does not perceive them. Machines like a good refrigerator, beat the ice cream with their blades at such a speed that mini air bubbles are introduced and control the size of the crystals. The proteins in egg yolks, milk or cream and sugar also help reduce the growth of crystals. Replace between a quarter and a third of the sugar in the recipe with invert sugar.

Avoid artificial aromas, Dyes and chemical preservative. The cold is a natural preservative and homemade ice cream should be consumed, as late, 2 weeks after its preparation.

Ice-cream balls

If the ice cream is in a tub, the ideal is to serve it with a spoon that allows to make a perfect ball and in a simple way. It will facilitate the task if before using it, you place it in a glass of warm water and take it 2 minutes to the freezer. The ice cream will not stick and it will slide better.

The icecream should be stored in the freezer at -20º C or lower. When serving, the temperature should be between -10º C and -12º C, so that they lose their hardness and gain creaminess. To do this, take it to the fridge about 15 minutes before.

Choose your favorite ice cream

The most common is creamy; the soft It has less fat and more air and is served with a dispenser; the sorbet and the poles They have no fat and are made from fruits and juices.

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The final touch

Full of colors, personality and textures the poles and icy balls with toppings and syrups. There are as many possibilities as you want. The most traditional are roasted nuts, flavored sauces, chocolate chips and cream, but you can innovate by crowning ice cream with dried or fresh fruit, mini-sized treats, chopped cookies or sugar confetti.


Present your creations frozen in tubs, wafer cones, tulips, between cookies, and if they are made in molds, replace the stick with a spoon with an original handle.