How to make pictures with fabrics

How to make pictures with fabrics

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Look for frames of various sizes and colors, frame them and form a composition on a wooden slat.

2 Materials needed

Scraps; wooden strip 15 mm thick; frames; varnish; brush; brown paper; plates (2 per frame); screws; scissors; meter; screwdriver and spray glue. Everything from Leroy Merlin.

3 Step 1

Remove the frames, remove the glass and use the cardboard backs as a guide. Spread each cloth upside down, place its cardboard on top and cut the scraps to size.

4 Step 2

Spray the spray glue on one side of the back of the frame, the entire base. Do it on a sheet of brown paper, so as not to stain the table.

5 Step 3

Place the scrap on top and press with your hands on it, so that it sticks well to the cardboard: start at a corner and go sticking and smoothing with the palm of your hand.

6 Step 4

Varnish or paint the wooden strip and let it dry. Arrange the frames upside down and secure them with the plates to the ribbon. Then hang it to the wall.