Wallpaper: 10 ideas to renew stylish environments

Wallpaper: 10 ideas to renew stylish environments

Ideas that renew quickly and economically, the walls of your home.

Advertising - Keep reading below 1 Dressing room at the entrance

The wallpaper Free Hugs, de Caselio, gives life to a hall turned into a wardrobe-shoemaker. The key? The originality. Stripes of wallpaper of the same model have been alternated in different colors topped with a ruffled shelf on the top. Then, a few hangers screwed to the wall, as hangers, and some open boxes as seats and shoemakers on the floor. Great!

2 colors deceived

Small tulips grow in the living room. The solution so that the print is not reloaded, has been to choose plain furniture (the sofa and the cushions) but with tones that repeat those of the wallpaper, of the firm Scion, in Pepe Peñalver. The carpet does have geometric patterns, but it does it in the same tonal range of flowers and textiles. The result is balanced and harmonious.

3 Modern elegance

The dark wall, with a subtle geometric motif, brings sobriety to this dining room. The furniture and the wooden floor - in three tones - give the warm contribution to excessive coldness.

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4 The complementary ... love each other!

So it happens in this being. The drawings of the wallpaper, of the firm Scion, in Pepe Peñalver, play with blues and mustards, colors also used in furniture complements. A great success

5 Also in the bathroom?

Wallpaper is carried in all rooms of the house, including the bathroom. The new models withstand humidity in perfect conditions. The one in this example is retro inspired, and in the same style the sink and the mirror have been chosen to create an atmosphere vintage Super relaxing and delicious.

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6 Orange Stimulant

Ideal for a youth bedroom, and even for spaces with low light: an orange wallpaper full of carelessness and vivacity the space. Is the model Pom pom, from Caselio.

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7 Textile Coordinates

Matching paper and curtains: a winning formula in any room, as in this set of cabbage. Voyagefrom Gancedo. Flowers and more flowers decorate walls and windows. The curl has even been curled with also stamped furniture, (armchair or cushions). Of course, respecting the tonal range and furniture with romantic lines (sofa, dresser ...).

8 Oriental style updated

A wallpaper with a classic floral drawing by Gancedo is the choice for this bedroom. The drawings and the color palette, in grays and reds, stain the space of oriental air. However, the touch is very modern thanks to the fabrics: the bright finish of quilt and cushions and the textured textures bring today to an elegant set, with a look timeless

9 Discreet background in youth rooms

Base on nautical motifs, the theme of this bedroom is ideal for a beach house. The wallpaper no longer reloads the style but "clothes" and balances the deco.

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10 Natural and raw: always warm

Do you want to create cozy environments? Bet on sands and toast, as in this attic wallpaper with Sanderson paper, in Gancedo. Bedding and fiber carpet do the rest.