The house of Alicia and Antonio: great space for a big family

The house of Alicia and Antonio: great space for a big family

Antonio Sierra

It all started five years ago, when they decided to buy a home that, to be a city like Madrid, it was large enough to comfortably house all the members of his family.

The original 140 m2 had oak woodwork, a color that Antonio disliked completely and which was not long in giving binder.

The couple began to shape the home of their dreams. Both had experience having decorated two houses long ago, although in very different styles: he was betting on colonial airs, and she for a more modern and modern aesthetic.

In this way, several styles made their way into the new interior design, with a single link in common: the color range of warm tones that saw the walls.

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When they acquired the floor the hall was narrow, since it had a built-in closet that barely left room for passage. Antonio and Alicia decided to throw said closet and in this way they won about 2 m2, with a total of approximately 7 m2 of hall.

To decorate this new corner, they chose a piece of furniture imported from India, a clock from La Maison Coloniale, and various paintings painted by friends, as well as objects from their travels through the Maldives, Mauritius, England, Wales, Scotland ...

Behind the hall and separated by a door, is the hallway which leads to the kitchen and the bedrooms. It is painted in the same color as the previous one, highlighting the wooden radiators covered in rosewood.

At the bottom of the hall we appreciate an oriental-style piece of furniture acquired in Banak, decorated with pieces from Bekara, Casa and La Maison Continental. Above the hall radiator cover, a funeral mask from the Maldives. Antonio Sierra Antonio Sierra

The living room, painted in a soft mustard, consists of about 25 m2 They are distributed in a rectangular space with a great feeling of spaciousness. The decoration advocates a colonial style of oriental dyes with Indian-inspired furniture, and wood in rosewood tones.

The living area has a chaise longue and a coffee table from La Maison Coloniale. Of the same firm are the television cabinet, the clock on the sofa, and two paintings with Chinese illustrations.
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The square dining table can be extended to accommodate six people. Next to it, a sideboard of lines similar to the style of the living room of the Camino a Casa store, two lamps by La Maison Coloniale, and decorative objects of various brands.

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The auxiliary bathroom is located in the hallway. Although retaining the original tiling, Alicia and Antonio placed a new sink on a red lacquered wood worktop, which they carved themselves. Underneath, a matching shelf serves as the basis for three flirty broken white baskets.

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After a reform that consisted of expanding the space, the kitchen went from having 14 m2 to almost 20 m2.

The furniture, including the central island, was purchased at IKEA in a dark brown color that contrasts with the black countertops. In the background, the paneling of the wall in cement color is dressed with several asymmetric shelves in wenge decorated with Becara plants and objects.

Antonio Sierra

The original kitchen and the clothesline were separated by an aluminum carpentry partition.

This area was reformed to conceive a flirtatious English-style terrace with brick wall seen in green, and wooden pallets inhabited by a lot of plants as a garden.

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The 11 m2 bedroom that girls share It is characterized by white lacquered furniture and the presence of pink textiles, such as the original window blind.

In the same way, the radiator cover was built with two doors and a matching fabric with the blind that conceals the interior.

The wall is painted in a green moonstone until the border, and from there, in a cream tone. Antonio Sierra

Wall pictures were purchased at the VTV store, although others were painted by Antonio.

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At seven months, Pablo can already boast of having a beautiful bedroom. The room was originally too big, so it was divided in two.

After painting the walls in a broken white, Alicia and Antonio separated the two rooms using sliding doors lacquered in white lacquered.

The changing table, the cradle and the floor lamp are from the VTV store. Antonio Sierra

With the bedroom almost ready, they decided to get out of the usual and fixed the childish border on the upper margin of the walls, delimited by two strings of edged wood painted in the same color as the room.

Antonio Sierra

Although the big challenge was the closet, made by the couple With great care and care after being inspired by a piece of furniture they saw in a magazine.

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We could say that it is a themed bedroom inspired by Britain, and that is the room of the eldest son of Alicia and Antonio has been conceived to remember the great moments lived in this country.

Therefore, the decoration combines different British motifs present in the bedding, the flags, and the different objects that cover the shelves.

The bedroom connects to the baby's room through the barn-style doors. Antonio Sierra

Most of the white lacquered furniture, such as the trundle bed, was purchased at IKEA, and the walls were painted in white and navy blue stripes.

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Alicia and Antonio's bedroom is the largest in the whole house, as it integrates a small hall, a dressing room and a bathroom.

Upon entering, a radiator cover is filled with charm through a plant, a Becara frame and a lamp. On the other wall, a mirror of Banak standing next to some coat racks of Maisons du Monde.

Antonio Sierra

The dressing area consists of several IKEA cabinets, including a module with shelves for Alicia bags and shoes.

Originally, the dressing room and bedroom were separated by a standard double leaf door, which they removed while retaining the frame.

As for the painting, they opted for a pastel tone that oscillates between a pearl gray and a broken white. Antonio Sierra Related Content Wardrobes and dressing rooms: an optimal distribution Antonio Sierra

With a clear oriental influence, the suite bathroom has a natural stone sink placed on a wooden countertop. Under this, an open shelf is used as storage space.

The bidet was replaced by an amphora filled with stones and a large bamboo rod, an element that, together with the Buddhist-inspired paintings on the wall, finished completing the look.

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Finally, we access the guest bedroom. With a strong character of colonial airs, all the furniture belongs to the firm La Maison Coloniale, with a bed and bedside tables made of noble wood, characterized by a typical Indian carving.

The room is spacious and has a large window that brings a lot of natural light. This clarity is enhanced by the choice of a cream color for the walls, and a coffee-milk tone in the headboard area.

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