A Nordic style kitchen

A Nordic style kitchen

After the reform of this kitchen, which they planned in detail, their owners drew interesting conclusions that explain us this way:

1. It is important to spend time asking for quotes from different stores and comparing the items.

2. Furniture and coverings in natural finishes do not tire over time, they are an excellent choice!

3. The countertop must withstand daily use, be durable and very easy to maintain. They opted for granite.

4. The kitchen includes the dining room, a bar and, behind it, the plate. So guests can go into the stove and cook if they feel like it.

5. Why a cart? You will move it easily and expand the work surface where you need it.

Advertising - Keep reading underneath A kitchen with white furniture

The cabinets were finished off with a ledge that includes a strip of LEDs on the windows, so that the kitchen is well lit, even when the sun goes down. In addition, the sockets hide practical drawers that open with a click system. In them the utensils of less use are kept.

Furniture, similar in Maisons du Monde and Car Möbel.

The kitchen opens to the dining room

Charlotte and Patrik united both environments in 25 m2. "The diaphanous distribution is great, it is easier to maintain and the visitors feel very comfortable," they explain. The table and chairs were commissioned to a carpenter to adapt to the style of the house.

Integrated appliances

The distribution included a refrigerator and a freezer with ice dispenser, a whim that the whole family dreamed of.

Patrik, the owner, tells us: "It is important that the plate, the sink and the refrigerator describe a triangle, because that is where you are going to move and you want to do it fluently." Stainless steel fridge and freezer, from Electrolux.

Where to store

For Patrik, the owner of the kitchen, the tall and shallow cabinets "provide extra storage space and, at the same time, leave room for light to circulate in the room and free space." Inside the showcases, which exhibit their content, "the boxes maximize the interior space and offer a pleasant overview."

Before deciding on the furniture, the owners consulted different firms. The cabinets required two conditions: that they could be adapted to the height of the ceiling, very high, and that they harmonized with the rest of the house,
with the traditional rustic Nordic style. The chosen models met both requirements with designs extra large that alternated showcases and doors with frames.

Auxiliary furniture

Trolley with bottle rack (€ 189.90 in Maisons du Monde).

My fruit jar

Decorated with fruits, jar Cottage Charm, from Villeroy & Boch (€ 39.30).

Candles or light bulbs?

The lamp Lerdal, from Ikea, works with both (€ 39.99).