Before and after: A multipurpose room with desk and sofa bed

Before and after: A multipurpose room with desk and sofa bed

Bea Rojo / The Good Side Photography

The children were getting older and needed more space to do their homework. The father of the family also needed a place to work at home from time to time. So it was necessary convert one of the "ghost" rooms of the house.

Small in size and with low natural light, I didn't have many positive points. However, the María del Valle Interior Staging study project ( got a spectacular metamorphosis. These were the action guidelines.

Clear paint. The room was painted in a very bright color and the old ceiling moldings were removed, thus gained in clarity and height.

Custom cabinets. They were designed with a reduced depth, as required by the size of the room, but with sufficient depth for filing cabinets and folders. The furniture is closed with doors, which provides greater visual cleanliness, being lacquered in the color of the space.

Bea Rojo / The Good Side Photography
The arrangement of the lower corner furniture allows maximum use of the space and also doubles the useful surface on the countertop, in order to place books.

Worktop in "L". The envelope of the table, in oak, extended along the
cabinets below, to have a work surface and give a sense of unity
and continuity. The color of the wood provides a nice contrast and accentuates the feeling of decorative warmth.

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Chest of drawers with bottom. All desk items are collected, but by hand, in this cabinet with significant depth. In addition, it offers a double use, since the chest of drawers is used as a worktop leg at one of its ends. A super practical and ingenious idea.

Bea Rojo / The Good Side Photography

The open front shelves They are a good solution to add dynamism to the environment. The shelves have been hung, and thus occupy very little. In addition, being white, they blend in with the walls of the room.



Painted paper. In green tones, it adds grace to the set and breaks with the white-wood color scheme of the furniture.

Sofa to rest. Also in raw color, it does not subtract centimeters from the room and is very functional to relax or receive visitors.

Cool styling They have chosen furniture -chair, sofa- and accessories -flexo, pencil holders, note holders- cheerful and casual. Modern and versatile: they do not clash in a nursery nor do they in an adult's room.

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