This year Santa will bring you one of these 12 little houses!

This year Santa will bring you one of these 12 little houses!

All children require a space to play and explore, so a little house is perfect to offer privacy while enjoying your world in a protected environment. These are our proposals!

Advertising - Keep reading below The sweetest shelter

This sweet house hides a perfect bed to snuggle inside. Surely you like it even for you!

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To sleep!

Now that the pastel tones are worn, this little house in green is ideal for your little one to sleep to the last.

Pinterest: Claudia Mariela

With bunk

All in one, down the house and up the bed. But there are even plants!

Pinterest: Inés Esteban Goutayer

The real tree house

If having a tree house is impossible, why not take it directly to your bedroom?

Pinterest: Marta Arbe Costa


Rest and play the kitchens, this is to take advantage of the space.

Pinterest: Ferran Juan


The best way to enjoy the most anticipated parties of the year is undoubtedly with this little house that seems taken from a story.

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With slide

The perfect equivalent to having a park in the bedroom, and with two floors!

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With this wonder of little house, who would want to go out? We do not! Simply beautiful.

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The perfect cottage for two brothers. The dilemma will be in knowing who occupies the top bunk!

Pinterest: Ana


It will practically be as if he had become independent, although only a few meters away from you!

Pinterest: Marineta

His corner of peace

A small house with a bed and plenty of space to place your favorite toys.

Pinterest: Beka Castillo


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