Ideas and news for a return to school ... With note!

Ideas and news for a return to school ... With note!

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After a long summer, it's time to return to the classroom. Prepare your material, bedroom and games, to begin with enthusiasm and desire for the new course.

Desks: With everything at hand and avoiding distractions

For your older children, you will have to condition a study zone.

Notebook, 11,13 € / cu; Cup, 12,80 €, case, 11,17 €, collection Horseby Sophie Allport.

Choose a quiet place with natural light, and put a height-adjustable desk to adapt to your height, a chair that picks up your back and drawers and shelves to store school supplies.

The change to the elderly bed

If for your child this is his first year of school, prepare his bedroom to make him see that he has grown and that a new adventure.

Mini Home children's bedroom Victory: bed, 395 €; side table, 149 €; bunker, 199 €, and desk with bench, 145 €, from El Corte Inglés.

If you still slept in a crib or crib-bed, it is a good time to move to a children's bed where the child can get on and off autonomously. Put a desk or desk where you can paint or see stories and get trunks or furniture to store your toys.

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Reunions and parties with colleagues

Washable rugs Kim Y Noah, 229 € / cu, by Lorena Canals.

How much emotion and nerves They accumulate in the first days of school! See friends again, teacher changes, books, class ... If your child has a hard time returning to the routine, you can motivate him organizing a small party at home and inviting their best friends, so you will realize how much fun you have with them and how much they have missed.

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We play to be older?

Mini toy kitchen Nybakad, 25 €, from Ikea.

Between 2 and 5 years, children go through a stage where they like imitate their parents, teacher or older brothers. Therefore, kitchens become one of his favorite toys. But beyond having a great time, this game also helps them develop imagination, to empathize and learn new words related to gastronomy. Place it in your room or, if you have a hole, in a corner of the kitchen.

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