How to decorate the living room in winter to create a warm seating area

How to decorate the living room in winter to create a warm seating area

José Luis Hausmann

Arrive from the street with an icy face and hands and enter a cozy and enveloping lounge ... what a pleasant feeling! Notice how our skin gradually warms up and sit in a comfortable chair. Are you at home. We all like that moment, but do you know how to fill your living area with charm to enjoy it alone or in company?

We give you 12 keys to create a warm and comfortable living area in the living room. Super comfortable sofas, flowers, warm fabrics and decorative details to spend a warm winter in your home. Take note and make your living room the best shelter to shelter this winter.

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It is a download of optimism. In this room, in La Redoute, mustard upholsters the sofa and is accompanied by gray-greenish accessories, which are doing very well. And another top that triumphs: long-haired cushions and matching carpet. Is there anything more delicious than that soft touch when stepping barefoot?

Dusted and earth colors

If you want to create an ultra cozy atmosphere in your living room, opt for soft tones but with character. Like the pink stick that "paints" the wall and the sofa, and complement it with neutral tones and earth -gray, cauldron or mustard-, which in this example give vividness to the cushions, the blanket or the carpet. As for textiles: linen, cotton, chenille ... caress and hug.

Coordinates of pictures and stripes: the most!

It is a first class resource when it comes to animating a cold or nondescript space. Printed textiles create a focal point around which the rest of the decoration revolves. In this room we have selected fabrics from the collection Windsor, from Camengo: from pictures to upholster the sofa, coordinated with striped cushions in the same colors. The rest of the furniture, in wood, and the carpet and white curtains put the quiet counterpoint, to avoid a sense of motley. The result? A very lively set that increases the environmental degrees.

The windows are dressed with this double option, to add heat and a plus of style.

Golden flashes and geometries

Nothing like gold or copper to raise the temperature in any environment. In small doses, both put sparkle and sun shine. In this living area, decorated by Maisons du Monde, both the metal lamp and the side table, with gold-copper finishes, add the differential note. Also the geometric patterns: carpet, blanket and wall provide a very elegant and chic retro point.

This type of coating not only dresses, it also heats the rooms.

Yes to plant fibers

Esparto, rattan, hemp ... braid furniture, decorative baskets, trays ... Traditional vegetable fibers have found their place in current homes. Opt for wooden furniture and ornamental elements made of fiber, as in the image: you will add an attractive extra of naturalness to your home.

They are neutral that caress and serve as a perfect background in very "friendly" environments.

Japanese minimalism: flowers to encourage and create atmosphere

It is not necessary to fill a space with furniture to fill it with warmth and delicacy. Simply select textiles and accessories well. The photo above is the best example. A corner of the living room has been furnished with a cane divan. On it, a fluffy double-sided blanket and cushions that contrast raw tones with a vibrant fuchsia in plain fabric or with floral patterns. Everything from Camengo. The flowers, both in prints and natural, adorning very simple vases, bring color and aroma. Do not miss in your home!
It is a fashionable, explosive and elegant color. White powers it.

Alpine look with a stove-salamander

In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, it is super effective for heating rooms. Salamander stoves feed primarily on wood or pellets and produce a very economical heat. Also, they occupy very little and there are countless models and sizes. A perfect heat system for country or mountain houses, for example, is in the image: it conveys a super comfortable feeling, thanks to details such as the clear floor, the kilim mats and the sparkling red armchair.

Authorized personnel must install it and have an adequate smoke outlet.

Paneled to the ceiling

The wooden boards, in this case white, are an excellent system to give a different air to any room and, at the same time, isolate it from the cold. The coatings are fantastic in rustic-chic environments, such as the one in the image, furnished with pieces of wood and cotton fabrics that mimic models vintagand.

The foot of the table is a wooden log that accentuates the special charm of this luminous space.

Choose comfortable furniture

Opt for ergonomic sofas and armchairs and surround touch upholstery. For example, microfiber, which also has a simple maintenance. Velvet is also a material that provides a warm and extremely pleasant feeling: a luxury at your fingertips.

Surround yourself with green Rachel Whiting

This color floods the space with positive energy. Look at this example: the living room sofa in moss, matching cushions and curtains, distributes its good vibes throughout the room. Reinforce that feeling, plants, vases with plant ornaments and paintings with botanical sheets. Thus the space "breathes".
Styling: Ben Kendrick.

Walls that shelter ... dress them!

If you think it's time to make a small change in your living room, dare and soak it. The wallpaper has the ability to transform rooms, giving them a personal touch, providing warmth and filling them with life. Light colors, geometric patterns, horizontal and vertical stripes and, of course, flowers, will make your place a more welcoming place. Combine with the rest of plain textiles or with different prints, but making sure they have shades that harmonize with each other. Harlequin atmosphere in Pepe Peñalver.

If you choose patterned designs, opt for models with a white background to avoid overloading.

Knitting accessories

They are all the rage tweed and the crochet, and there is a whole revival in "hand-woven" accessories with wool, cotton and trapillo. Cushions, plaids Y poufs They wrap and add charm to sofas, chairs or beds. Like these, in pastel colors and in the same range: they cannot be more delicate ...