In this London hotel guests are… your plants!

In this London hotel guests are… your plants!

  • 100% organic fertilizers, a complete check-up of the plant and hydration treatments are some of its services.
  • A novel proposal that ensures the care of your plants.

What would you feel if we told you that (at last) you can stop relying on that neighbor so gossip to keep your plants alive while you're on vacation? Sounds good to us, we know, and that is the new project of the plant sales company on-line Patch seems to have heard our pleas, because it has just opened the world's first hotel for plants.

It is called Patch Plant Hotel and is located in the London district of Battersea. There, 100 rooms and a group of specialists look forward to receiving your plants to treat them like real queens. In addition to using 100% organic and natural fertilizers (to the taste of the most demanding eco client), the services of this peculiar hotel also include a complete check of the state of your plants, and a personalized hydration treatment. Come on, you're going to find them much better than they were.

Butt green Enjoy a house full of plants 🌿 Patch

And another thing we love (especially if you live in London and can enjoy their service) is that it is A very easy to use service. You just have to select the day of entry and the day of departure, the number of floors and whether they are outdoor or indoor.

Did you know? Gothic plants are the latest trend Patch

Come on, better than a spa! Do not be surprised if on returning from vacation you find plants that are much greener and prettier than the ones you left, because it will probably be what happens.


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