How to set up an ideal bedroom in your first home

How to set up an ideal bedroom in your first home

If you have just become independent or are about to do so, we tell you how to decorate and equip your bedroom, and how to choose a good bed with a good mattress. Bedroom furniture that by its design, color, style and functionality will appeal to young people of this digital and hyperconnected generation, because they adapt to their lifestyle. The houses of the Z generation, better known as millennialsThey are cheerful and very functional.

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The basic qualities of a good mattress: Comfort

For each person to find optimum adaptability, ensuring the distribution of pressure points evenly throughout its surface; thermoregulatory function, which guarantees rest without the mattress interfering with the temperature generated by the body when sleeping; and firmness, to get the correct position of the spine during sleep.


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179 €

In oak veneer with white dye, bed frame Malm, from Ikea, measures 160 x 200 cm.

Folding CANAPÉ

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255 €

Expand the storage area without sacrificing comfort with a folding sofa; This model is from Hogar24, measuring 135 x 1890 cm.

Latex and microperforated mattress

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600 €

Of Tediber, mattress of 1.35 x 1.90 m, with hypoallergenic cover. The mattress combines microperforated latex, with 20% natural hevea sap, viscoelastic foam, which allows the distribution of pressure points of the most vulnerable body parts, and Tediber® high resilience polyurethane foam, which provides a support Firm to the spine. The pillows, 50 x 70 cm (€ 85 each).


To buy

998 €

From Ikea, complete rest system composed of Tustna comfort topper, with the ability to relieve tensions, provides a softer rest surface; mattress Hokkåsen, with springs bagged in the core, to adapt to the shape of the body and offer the most appropriate support; mattress base Espevär with cover and legs Bjorli.


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159 €

Ideal for any season of the year, quilt Sötvedel, from Ikea. It is made of cotton and its filling combines 60% duck down and 40% duck feathers; It has two pieces, one warm and one fresh, which can be used together or separately.


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8,95 €

Print cactus, pure trend, to give color to the sofa. Cushion Feroca, from Maisons du Monde.

Bedside lamp

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129 €

Lamp Kurt, by Maisons du Monde, with marble base.


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69,28 €

A handmade auxiliary furniture, in suar wood. Stool, by Moycor; It measures 35 x 35 x 45 cm.

Photo frame

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15,12 €

Photo frame, from Lola Home, with several signs; It measures 34 x 63 cm.


Collection Botany, from Primark: mirror (€ 12); botanical poster (€ 12); pink speaker (€ 10); helmets (€ 20); Duvet cover, in several sizes (from € 11); Pillowcases (€ 8 each) and carpet (€ 8). On the pallets: plant with white pot (€ 5); Pink pot with rods (€ 6) and sheet-shaped tray (€ 10).