Superfoods: the spelled

Superfoods: the spelled

It is known in some places as the Green wheat or wild wheat. With an intense and rustic flavor, spelled, which has been about to disappear due to its low productive yield, once again tops the list of foods considered as superfood.

Its nutritional properties are the reasons for its rebirth. It is used to make cookies, bread, flour and even beer. When it germinates, its nutrients multiply and its flavor becomes more adult, making it even more pleasant.

It is a plant that has hardly suffered variations and this makes it a potent food less allergic than others. Of course, it contains gluten (warning, celiac).

Spelled has a higher level of protein, minerals and vitamins than common wheat. It also exceeds it in trace elements. It contains all eight essential amino acids and has a large amount of magnesium, iron, vitamin E, phosphorus and beta-carotene.

Its great contribution of fiber is one more reason to include it in your diet. In addition, it is rich in silicic acid, one of the best nutrients to take care of our tissues and organs.

Try it to make bread, homemade pastries or pasta. You'll love it!