A very current country house

A very current country house

Wooden beams and pillars, a gable roof, a beautiful porch ... When the owners of this house saw it for the first time, they were taken by it. They had been looking for a house in years Santander where the family - a couple with four children - will enjoy their vacations. Until then they had only seen dilapidated buildings and at a very high price. But this, rehabilitated by Jimmy Suarez de PugaIt was perfect.

This fact occurred when Jimmy Suarez de Puga joined an old house and a bar to make this house with three heights. Outside, he fully respected the architectural typology of the area, with the white painted facade and woodwork in green tone. The windows, with cuarterones, designed them slightly wider than the typical ones to facilitate the entrance of natural light. Inside, wood became the undisputed protagonist: floors in clear finish together with ceilings and pillars painted in white soften the environments without masking the natural charm of knots and veins.

The rustic architecture was soon personalized with a unique decoration. Pieces rescued in chamarileros and recovered by specialists as well as family members They began to fill the interior with life. With a mix of vintage and country styles, the furniture was combined with warm textures whose single vision - fluffy blankets, long-haired carpets and wool cushions - promises happy days, stories by the fire and children's laughter in the garden.

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The green color of doors and windows is repeated in the furniture to visually unify exterior and interior.

Furniture with outdoor hearth

The furniture in the pleasant outdoor seating area has a unique origin. The table was made by the guardian of the family home, with old traffic signs and aluminum sheets that he cut, welded and painted. The chairs were purchased in a jacket and restored.

Outdoor seating area

The coffee table was designed by the owner's mother by combining the structure of an old piece with a wooden envelope. Sofa and carpets, from Ikea. Chairs restored in Veliko's Workshop. Cushions: prints, by Becara, and plain, by Maison de Vacances. Amber vase, from Zara Home. Shawl, from Becara.

A lounge open to the light

The white furniture and upholstery capture the natural light of the garden and lead it into the living room, multiplying it. The textures of accessories, such as long-haired cushions or zebra carpet, create an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth. Tolomeo floor lamp, in Ideas Luz. Details on the table

Coffee table detail

On the coffee table, an old recycled model, white vases, from El Ocho.

Total relaxation in the living area

Ektorp sofas and white carpet, from Ikea. From Zara Home: carpet and cushion with zebra print, and mohair blanket. The table is an old model, which the owner's mother recycled. Picture, by Brianda Fitz James Stuart. The metal table, the mirror with gold frame and the velvet armchair give a retro air to the corner.

Charming corners

In the living room, two different style environments bring personality to the decoration. Alongside these lines, an old pickled sideboard and a leather chair evoke distant destinations. Sideboard, from the antiquated Begoña Calzada. Riaza chair, from Casa & Jardín. Above, armchair acquired in Villalán.

Two-color kitchen

The furniture, white-made by local artisans- and green, add dynamism to the kitchen. The showcases were commissioned with a design similar to the window carpentry. On the counter, metallic hen acquired at Lou & Hernandez. The ceiling lamp was purchased at the Antique and Unpacking Fair held in Torrelavega every August.

Dining room

The dining room shares space with the kitchen, hence a simple decoration was chosen, to enjoy with the family: a table and a couple of benches. Table, chairs and sideboard, by Carina Casanovas. Picture, by Brianda Fitz James Stuart. On the table, Candlesticks from Point a la Ligne, tablecloth from La Europea and crockery, from Villeroy & Boch. On the sideboard, Teklassic cage and vases, from El Ocho. Lamp, Vintage 4P. Wool rug, from Ikea.

Respect for the original architecture

The exposed wooden beams and pillars discover all the beauty of the typical Cantabria building system. In the rehabilitation of the building, Jimmy Suárez de Puga rescued rural structural elements and softened them with white paint, which makes the environment friendlier. To this contributes the absence of doors, which facilitates a fluid circulation throughout the house. Green showcases, Deco Deco. Inside, utensils of Point a la Ligne and Ikea.

Details with care at the entrance of the kitchen

Each corner of the house reflects the care with which the entire house has been decorated. Even the step towards the stairs is cozy with the fluffy skins on the floor, the rustic showcase, the wood that evokes gatherings next to the fireplace or the candles, which fill the flown steps with magic. Showcase, by Carina Casanovas; from his key hangs a bronze heart, from Lou & Hernández. Boots, by Blalala. From Ikea: baskets, skins on the ground and candles.

The children's room

The children's bedroom has two beds separated by a nightstand that serves as a bedside table. Instead of a headboard, the wall is decorated with a vertical flower garland. Blue covers, by Habitat. Mole bedspreads, from Lexington. Wool blankets, from Ikea. Capitoné cushion with ties, from Zara Home. Velador y teddy, from El Siglo. On the bedside table, lighthouse and fish, by Lou & Hernandez. Garland on the wall, acquired in Los Peñotes.

Attic master bedroom

That is the feeling that emerges in the bedroom, with the bed under the gable roof and a warm knit blanket in the purest style of knitting. In bed, blanket and cushion, from Jardin D'Ulysse. White cushions, from Maison de Vacances. Lamp, by El Ocho. The painting is the work of Dafne Vijande.

Bedroom details

The combination of finishes: white stripped wood, leather touches, long hair cushions, knitted blankets ... The result? Country, bucolic and warm environments. Bench, acquired in Almazén. Above it, blanket from Zara Home and shawl, from Becara.

Bathroom open to the bedroom

A wall separates the bathroom, without windows, from the bedroom. To facilitate the passage of light towards the bottom, it only rose up to half height. Next to him was a comfortable old family inheritance and an armchair. Chest of drawers restored by Jaime Tárraga. Picture, photo and vases, by El Ocho. Flexo, from Ikea. Armchair, acquired from the antique Begoña Calzada. Cushions, from Maison de Vacances.


- Bring out the structural elements, such as beams and wooden pillars, and leave them in sight so that, in addition to their architectural mission, they contribute a plus to the decoration.
- Introduce furniture of own design, made by family members or close to it, which become unique pieces not only for their design, but also for their emotional value.