Discover how to make a photo swing for your garden

Discover how to make a photo swing for your garden

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Hang it from a tree, from the structure of a porch or a pergola and enjoy with its swing!

A swing adorned with romantic details

Place some soft cushions on the pallet and decorate the strings with rolled ivy and large white flowers (lilies, gladioli, roses, daisies ...). Try to make them natural and secure them with wire or tapes strategically.

Cushions, ivy and flowers, from Los Peñotes.


- A pallet.
- A roll of sisal rope, 50 m.
- White paint.
- White insulating tape.
- Sandpaper, brush and cutter. Everything is sold at Leroy Merlin.

- Ivy and flowers.

Step 1: Sand the wood

The wooden sandpaper passes all over the pallet emphasizing the corners and the gaps between boards. Moisten with a cloth to remove dust, give a coat of paint with large brush strokes in the direction of the grain.

Step 2: Cut four pieces of string

Divide the rope into four equal parts to make the swing handles. To prevent the rope from fraying when cutting it, wrap electrical tape around it. Take a couple of turns at the ends of the ends and about seven turns at the top.

Step 3: Fold and cut

Fold each piece of string in half until you get two exactly the same parts and cut them with the cutter. Before tying the strings to the pallet, perform a test so that the tape is well hidden between the knots and is not visible.

Step 4: Knot the rope to the swing

Make a strong knot both in front and behind the crossbars of the pallet and on the tree trunk. We advise you to do it double, to guarantee the stability of the swing, which should be about 45 cm away from the ground.