Tips to illuminate the house well and choose the ideal lamp

Tips to illuminate the house well and choose the ideal lamp

Artificial light is a basic tool to improve life, making spaces more functional and beautiful. Use it well!

Leds: What are its advantages?

The LEDs are lamps that do not heat up, so they can be placed anywhere, in addition to being the most durable, economical and free of mercury. Depending on the needs, light bulbs, dichroicras can be used, dowlights, projectors, panels and lamps for different color temperatures.

Warm, cold or neutral light

It is named this way depending on the color temperature. Cold It is close to the blue tones and is powerful and very clear, more suitable for spaces with a lot of movement and activity, or where you want to give an aseptic appearance: bathrooms, kitchens, etc. Warm light It is perceived by the eye in amber. It highlights reliefs, textures and colors, so it is appropriate as ambient light and also for relaxation and rest areas, such as bedrooms. Neutral It is between both types. It is soft, perfect as a general light and also for study, as it encourages concentration. Ideally, combine different color temperatures to obtain different effects.

Ambient light, very decorative

You will achieve a specific climate in each room - more intimate, more dramatic, more theatrical - if you take advantage of this type of lighting. There are many possibilities: floor or table lamps with intensity regulator, LED strips under furniture, LED technology and RGB light tone that generate color and intensity changes ...

Beware of excess! An overlit stay is not comfortable.

Illuminate art

The point and directed light is adequate. Spotlights or rail projectors are very practical, as well as "magic eyes", an advanced lighting system for paintings, sculptures, etc. with tiny luminous points that can be hidden in false ceilings.


With or without a screen, with cable or touch, the table lamps are the perfect complement: they provide warmth, create very personal environments and help you relax. Let them shine!

That does not dazzle! Never place it near the TV. Next to the sofa, make sure that the lower part of the lamp is below eye level. And on the bedside table, place it 50 cm from the pillow.

Height issue. Choose a 15 cm model for children's rooms; 30 cm on the bedside table and 40 cm or more in living areas and hallways.

The most suitable bulb. Use it of type led that spends less and lasts longer. Choose a warm or yellow light shade, for bedrooms and living rooms, and cold or white in corners of


D lampse dining room: If the dining table is round or square and not very large, place a single lamp. If it is a large rectangular model, install at least two lamps on the headboards, and about 75-80 cm from the board, so that they do not dazzle.

Of work: Direct light is the best. As for the type of color, we must bear in mind that the white light keeps us awake, but the warm one less tires our eyes.

Kitchen bar: Place two or three suspended lamps or ceiling strips with airships.

Next to the sofa it is important to have a floor lamp that supports general lighting and serves to read.