Sofa beds for less than € 1,000

Sofa beds for less than € 1,000

* Indicative prices

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In many rooms, like this one, the sofa becomes the king of the house for its modernity, its bold design and, above all, for its resounding comfort. In this environment, signed by El Corte Inglés, the Metro sofa-bed stands out, which, in addition to passion red, is available in raw and purple. Blunt colors that will never go unnoticed, because they are there to capture the attention of those present. Its price is € 990. And, if you want, you can decorate it with a printed cushion and cosmopolitan air, like the model Flag, with application of flags and padding (€ 22 each).

Sofa bed with storage space

The use of the sofa bed also implies the presence of pillows, covers, sheets ... Some designs have an extra storage space to store the lingerie in the structure, either inside the armrests or under the bed. As the model Beddinge, from Ikea (from € 159).

Kivik sofa bed

When it comes to rest, comfort is a key factor. A fluffy support is essential for the back to rest. The sofa bed must adapt to your lifestyle to make it more friendly; There are models whose headboard is raised to read in bed, padded armrests and designs that resist even children's games. In the photo, sofa Kivik (from € 709 in Ikea).

Ektorp sofa bed

Single or double bed? Is the room spacious or mini? Find the sofa bed that meets your needs. You can find designs with the mattress parallel to the sofa, in perpendicular and, even, chaise longue that transform into a bed with a movement. Sofa bed Ektorp (from € 788) for sale in Ikea.

Sofa bed with book system

With metallic legs and without armrests, this sofa bed is characterized by its simplicity. Closed during the day and open at night, its book system transforms it into a bed quickly and easily. Available in several colors, you will find this model in the Bo Concept firm (€ 999).

Eco model sofa bed

The gray upholsteries are ideal for living rooms, with children around. As the model Echo, a discreet and functional sofa bed, measuring 140 cm. From El Corte Inglés (€ 985).

Sofa bed for small spaces

Does your living room have little space? In that case, opt for an extendable sofa, like the model Doll, from Expo Mobi, which in just one click click becomes a comfortable bed. It costs € 390.

Simplicity made sofa

Swedish firms have accustomed us to functional designs. And as the three-seater sofa bed is worth Exarby, from Ikea, with a 10 cm thick polyurethane mattress. Its youthful design and easy opening of the book make it ideal for a good one in the beach house, in the guest room or in the children's room, when your friends stay to sleep. Its price is € 79.90.

Sofa bed with storage

With storage space under the seat to store bedding. With a simple front opening, the seat moves until it becomes a bed. It is the two-seater model Hagalund, from Ikea. Its price is € 299.

Sofa bed without armrests and with two cushions

This is how the three-seater sofa bed is presented Beddinge Hâvet, from Ikea. Its measurements are 200 x 104 x 91 cm and it has storage space. Also available in white, it costs € 349.

Sofa bed with functional design

Classic design for this two-seater sofa bed with straight lines. Presented in dark gray, it is a functional model that perfectly matches any room. It measures 140 cm and its price is € 985 (in El Corte Inglés).

Moblerone sofa bed

Domed and electric blue shapes. They are the signs of this book-type sofa bed, with metal legs and blue microfiber. Also available in pistachio green. It's from Moblerone (€ 325).