A house in the Sierra Segovia

A house in the Sierra Segovia

Located in the province of Segovia, is new plant country house It makes the golden dream of its owners come true. The project was carried out by the architects Gonzalo Cervera and Pilar Rivera, and the construction is the work of Antonio and Belén Chamorro. Its structure maintains the characteristics of the country houses of a lifetime, with a simple gable roof and a considerable height, which guarantees natural light and magnificent views.

But taking advantage that it became new, incorporates modern facilities, such as solar panels that provide enough energy to meet the needs of the family and even sell the surplus to the network; and also underfloor heating on the ground floor, and thus do without the radiators in the living room and avoid the problems of heating such a large space. From the outside, the house shows an elegant facade, which was achieved by applying a sand-colored monolayer mortar. The windows and a large glazing located on the ground floor allow to integrate the environment of the Sierra in the house.

The porch and a wooden deck attached to the facade break the sobriety typical of traditional country houses. As for the decoration, what stands out most is the right choice of coatings that, in addition to creating the feeling of warmth in the home, also unify and give continuity to the environments. On the walls the color of the facade was maintained, a natural tone that blends well with the Valsaín pine wood, treated with matt varnish, present throughout the house: ceiling beams, windows, bookstores, kitchen, bathroom ... Other natural and rustic materials par excellence are the waterproofed mud tiles, which were used as pavement, and handmade glazed tiles with natural finish, kitchen and bathrooms. But in this country house the owners also knew how to create cozy and bright environments without sacrificing functionality, thanks to a very successful distribution of spaces. On the ground floor, for example, several ideas stand out in the living room where the kitchen is integrated. Among them, the large window of being, which floods it with light and provides views of the garden. Here also, the feeling of greater amplitude was created, because it is an environment that is open to the upper floor, where there is a reading and music area, and the bedrooms. Following the living room were the dining room and kitchen. The first was delimited with a Moroccan carpet and a cupboard of syrup, while the kitchen was distributed in a U-shape.

It is here, precisely, where the essence of the traditional rustic style, recreated with a sink and faucet inspired by the ancients. This naturalness is also preserved in the master bedroom and children's rooms, decorated without superfluous ornaments, with simplicity and good taste.

Advertising - Continue reading below The newly built house maintains the sober structure of a country house.

It was made by Antonio and Belén Chamarro following the project of the architects Gonzalo Cervera and Pilar Rivera.

Image of the porch with the entrance to the bottom,

protected by a wooden deck attached to the facade. The flooring is made of limestone, which withstands temperature changes in Segovia in summer and winter.

A fireplace and a pine wood bookcase were made for the living area.

It is an environment that opens to the outside through a large window. Sackcloth curtains, by Gancedo.

View of the room where you can see the loft,

where an area of ​​music and reading was located. All the carpentry was made by S'Decor in Valsaín pine wood. Sofas designed by Alfonso Arróspide, upholstered with cottons by Gancedo. Cushions, from Ikea. Coffee table, by Becara. Vase, from Jardiland.

Light tones and pastel coordinate with noble materials,

Like wood and mud. Look at these three of Titan: 6330 soft pool; 6350 green and 6360 mauve.

Rustic Style

Pine wood, mud pavement and sand-colored walls give continuity to the environments of this room.

A carpet and a cupboard delimit the dining room space.

Cupboard, from the old things syrup. Moroccan Carpet in Laboratory. Chairs, from Habitat. Tablecloth in Jardiland.

The work kitchen maintains the traditional rustic style.

A wide pine countertop was chosen and, instead of doors, curtains were sewn with a Sanderson cloth, for sale in Gancedo. Revestimientos, by Hijos de Cesáreo Guerra. Sink, by Ikea. Grifo, by Leroy Merlin. Platero, of Old Things. Wall light, by Biosca & Botey.

In one of the bedrooms

a recess was made in the wall that fulfills the function of headboard for the two beds; its wooden shelf is used as a bedside table and bookcase, and on both sides sconces were installed. The fabric of quilts and quadrants is from Becara. Blankets in Jardiland. Wall light and sidewalks, from Ikea.

To take better advantage of the space

In one of the children's rooms, very narrow, a work bunk with wooden finishes was made, which can accommodate four children.

In the bathroom on the ground floor

a door to the garden was opened, to have direct access from the outside. A partition divides the space into two zones. Tiles of Children of Cesáreo Guerra. The curtain fabric is from Gancedo.

In the bathroom upstairs

Rustic decoration does not detract from functionality. Countertop and shelf made by S'Decor. Roca sink. Taps, by Leroy Merlin. Appliques, by Biosca & Botey. Mirrors, towel rail and soap dish, from Ikea. Oil lamp with petals, bamboo and air freshener, from Jardiland. Handmade tile, by Hijos de Cesáreo Guerra.

Three tones.

Light tones and pastel coordinate with noble materials, such as wood and mud. Look at these from Titan: 6330 soft pool; 6350 green and 6360 mauve.